A Systematized Tool to Move A Step Higher! Small Step Matters!

In IPPO, Textbooks and worksheets are use to introduce Abacus to kids and parents. Textbooks are used by students who are really beginners in Abacus Education.
Students then try to complete the exercise in the Textbook in order to move up to the next level.

Each exercise is used to help the child to be confident and familiar with Abacus calculations. IPPO uses Textbooks and worksheets certified by the Japanese organization, ISHIDO.
The textbook will also help the teachers understand on what point the students find difficulty with.

Students need need to complete 3 Textbooks:
HOP (the first book) wherein they learn the basic of Addition and Subtraction using the Abacus;

STEP (the second book) wherein students practice more in the numbers with the place value of tens;

JUMP (the third book) wherein students do more of the Addition and Subtraction of 50’s and 100’s.


After the student’s completion of the 3 book,he can then start challenging his abilities using the worksheets.
Repeated practice of doing the four fundamental mathematical operations using the Abacus.


Textbooks and Materials Used

In every lesson students are equipped with tools to help them solve problems.

Every student starts with the 9th Grade and practices everyday to master and be accustomed with how they solve each problem.
Abacus Calculations is up until the 1st Grade wherein the level of difficulty gradually increases.

Upon doing 9th Grade, students also do Anzan Challenge, this is in preparation for Anzan (Mental Calculation).
Students imagine the Abacus and the movement and placement of the beads to arrive at the correct answer.


After accomplishing six Anzan Challenge Worksheets, students are now prepared to take on the next challenge of Anzan.

Students speed and accuracy is measured during the exercise.

anzan worksheets