Benefit of Learning Abacus


“Critical Analysis”   “Problem Solving”   “Thinking Skills”

5 Benefits of Learning Abacus

  • “Creativity” – Developed by activating the right side of the brain through imagination. In the Abacus classroom, students are having the imagine what they are doing first being doing the actual calculations using the Abacus.
  • “Focus” – Boosted by simple and interesting calculation.
    In the Abacus classroom, students are given simple calculations to work on and given time to complete answering those, thus with the time pressure, we can be sure that they really are having focus.
  • “Memory” – Enhanced by calculating repeatedly. Students work on workbooks that focusing on the four basic operations (Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction and Division). Through repeated calculations they can have the mastery of these operations.
  • “Patience”– Cultivated through achieving one’s target. Students set their target and do what ever they could to accomplish it for the day.
  • “Self Management” – Handling information by calculating quickly and accurately. In Abacus Classroom, students are guided by teachers and they do calculations on their own having less supervision from teachers. In this, they are giving the opportunity to manage what they do and how they do it.