Abacus Education: An After School Learning Program

Kids nowadays enjoy doing extracurricular activities both educational and for leisure. They spent most of their time watching television, surfing the net, playing video games and the like. I want to introduce you to an after school program that would help your child build a solid foundation of his mathematical skills and develop his life skills.

Sunday (9/10/17)

IPPO in A.S Fortuna. IPPO teaches kids about the Japanese way of calculating numbers through the use of the Abacus.

IPPO Students in A.S. Fortuna

Kids are having an hour session every Sunday Morning. They concentrate on using the Abacus as a tool to help sharpen their mathematical abilities.
Through Sunday is usually tagged as a Family Day, kids studying Abacus finds time to do Abacus Lesson for an hour.

Join us in A.S. Fortuna.

Tuesday (9/12/17)

IPPO is located in Banawa. IPPO offers Abacus Education to Filipino kids who wishes to strengthen their mathematical foundation and to have a better visualization of the context of numbers. Here are some of IPPO Students:

Alex recently joined IPPO last August 2017. He has finished his first book “HOP” and is working on his second book “”STEP”. He is about to finish his STEP book.

Alex is doing STEP REVIEW.

Courtney joined IPPO last December 2016. Courtney attends Unlimited Course wherein she can enjoy the abacus lessons for as long as she like.

Courtney diligently doing her 2nd Grade Abacus Calculations.

Usually she does Abacus Lessons for 4 hours up until now. She is in 2nd Grade and can do Anzan up to 2-digit 10 questions in less than a minute.

Wednesday (9/13/17)

Anyone can learn doing calculations using the Abacus. May you be as young as 4 year-old or as old as 60 year-old.
For as long as you know how to read and write numbers then you can start learning the art of calculation using the Abacus.

Kaniel started his Abacus Education when he was 4 years old. Now, he is learning to do multiplication using the Abacus.

Kaniel doing his 10th Calculation Quiz

In IPPO, students manage their time in order to finish a 20-item Multiplication task in 10 minutes.

Janelle beating the Time Limit

Kiev is currently a K-2 pupil in a prestigious school here in Cebu City.
He is starting to learn multiplication using the Abacus.

Kiev using the Abacus for Multiplication

He started doing Abacus a few months back. It was a bit challenging teaching him but the fruit is sweeter.

Friday (9/15/17)

Repetition is the key to mastery. One cannot master a skill immediately, it takes time, constant practice and repetition in order to retain one in the head.
In Abacus Education, the students have an hour to do the basic operations, it would be a routine for them and then, later on, they can eventually master .it.

Jeanelle passed the 9th Garde Exam and now she received her certificate.

On Friday there was a sudden black-out so we need to move outside so that these motivated kids can do their Abacus Lesson Properly.

Nothing can stop a hungry mind from learning.

Saturday (9/16/17)

It was yet another rainy Saturday bu the noise created by the raindrops was not enough to stop the student’s concentration and focus.

Some students received their new worksheets and they have worked for more than a month.
Congratulations Students!!

Vash completing the Confirmation Tests and now having his 5th Grade Worksheet.
After a month of doing 6th Garde Prints, Riku now holds the 6th Grade Worksheet.

Indulge your children in activities that can fuel them to shape their future they best way they could.
As parents, we have a responsibility to guide them to a path that is best and suited for them.

Abacus Education is a good after-school program that can help your child develop his interest in Math and acquire life skills to help him in the future.

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Abacus Teacher at IPPO Japanese Math Inc.
Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!
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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!