Basic Operation Skills Improved through Repetition in IPPO

The dilemma of most parents nowadays is on how their child can learn the four basic skills the easiest way possible.
In IPPO, where we do the abacus there is on shortcut in doing those. We have the students do the operations repeatedly with different difficulties.

Addition, Subtraction,Multiplication and Division are skills in which the child should be accustomed to NOT OBLIGED to . Some children when they are asked with 6 x 6 (six times six), they would still go through the numbers from 6 x 1 till 6 x 5 before they can answer you with 36.

In Abacus Education we have the kids do routine computations of the four basic skills, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, through this they can familiarize and get use to the operations.

Sunday (9/24/17)

Sundays are spent in A.S Fortuna wherein students are primarily doing HOP, STEP and JUMP.
This is the basic for Abacus Claculations.

Tuesday (9/26/17)

M.Zed students are doing their Abacus lessons every Tuesday and Wednesday.
IPPO has 2 sessions with 12 students per session.

T. Mei is really determined in teaching the students.

There is no harm in using our fingers when we don’t know.
In Abacus education, this habit will be lessen as they routinely do addition and subtraction.

Rye is still getting used to “Transform”.

This is what Courtney is currently doing. She is in 2nd grade and oh it is really difficult.
She is now able to do calculations for 10 minutes with this questions.
Kudos to you, Courtney!!

A sample of Courtney’s multiplication exercise.

Wednesday (9/27/17)

A beautiful Wednesday everyone!!
Today, we welcome Dee, our new student.

Dee is Grade 3 student of the University of San Carlos – Montessori Academy.
Enjoy your stay in IPPO Dee. Love and enjoy math the japanese way!

T. Mei talking things out with Dee’s parents.Thank you so much for choosing IPPO as an after school activity for your daughter Mr. and Mrs. Sawal.

Before starting the lesson, IPPO teachers do a reveiw to students to check their comprehension.

M.Zed students listen intently to T.Pau.

Since the don’t have a class today, Courtney and Adrian are spending their time here in IPPO.
Perseverance and Commitment are traits that you truly possess.

Friday (9/29/17)

A busy Friday everyone.
IPPO has a variety of students. At first, each student is taught to do addition and subtraction.
Later on, they will be taught Multiplication and Division using the Abacus and mentally.

T. Mei encouraging Harry to do the calculations by using a timer.

We have now introduced Multiplication to Kaniel.
He is 5 years old and now he is slowly learning Multiplication.

T. Pau is assisting Kaniel about the steps to do in Multiplication using the Abacus.
Gael is now familiar with the “Memorize Table”. If I can’t add…… If I can’t subtract……..
Pierce enthusiastically doing this calculations.

Saturday (9/30/17)

Today is IPPO’s monthly License Examination.
The students will be doing their respective examinations in a span of 30 minutes in total.
Best of luck students!!

Courtney doing her Receipt Examination.
Ralph doing the 5th Grade Examination.
Jeanelle taking 8th Grade Examination.

It is good to see children being frustrated because it is a sign that they are really working so hard in order for them to arrive and achieve their goal.
Continue the seriousness and the perseverance students.

Students in Try Group have their own frustrations.

Rafa is now doing Transform wherein he will use the 5-unit bead in adding like 1 +4.

Rafa on his new lesson “Transform”.

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Abacus Teacher at IPPO Japanese Math Inc.
Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!
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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!