Students’ Confidence are Boosted through Certificates Received!!

Certificates are given to students who have passed the exam.

These certificates are hard proof of the student’s hard work.


Dr. Borromeo is taking every lessons seriously.
He even commented that doing abacus lessons are really brain stimulated.
Thank you for the positive feedback, Dr. Borromeo.

Gael, Dr. Borromeo’s son, is doing his best to be a better each lesson.

Courtney has been achieving a 100% in every operation she does in 2nd Grade.


Receiving her 4th Grade certificate, Courtney is enthusiastic to take the 3rd Grade exams.

Ganbatte, Courtney.

Anton is now ready to move to the next step. He will be taking the 8th Grade exam.

Kiev and Kaniel are now currently doing Calculation Quiz. There aim is to achieve a score of 100% and then they can move to 9th Grade Introduction Print.

Yana is in STEP now. She can also memorize the “Let’s Memorize Table”.

Izzy has achieved so much within a less period of time.


Welcome to IPPO, ALex. Enjoy doing abacus same as the other kids. See you this Tuesday.


Biju with her messy hair, receiving her 8th Grade certificate. She will be taking the 7th Grade Examination this month.

Ralph is doing 4th Grade Confirmation Test. He still needs to do 2 more to have his workbook.

Anton continues practicing for his upcoming examination.

Psychology Majors from the University of San Jose- Recoletos (USJ-R) will be conducting a Math Examination between IPPO students (with abacus skills) and other schools to compare their mathematical ability.

They are answering the Calculation test in order to measure their mathematical ability.

Kiev doing his 2nd Calculation Quiz.

T. Mei guiding Kaniel on his 2nd Calculation Test.

Gael using his hands in order to come up with the answer.

T. Mei teaching Harry about finger bending in order to aid him with subtraction.

Paulo is doing everything in his power to properly do finger press.

Everyone in TRY Group is solemnly doing their abacus calculations.

Janelle needs to practice more in her Multiplication skills.
She being in IPPO regularly helps her a lot.

Maegan is practicing 8th Grade. The division is a little tricky for her.


Students in TEST Group races against time.

Jeannelle will be taking the 9th Grade Examination this month.
She is now conditioning herself for that.

Avery is carefully doing some calculations. He is currently in 6th Grade.

The kids are in their own world with numbers.

Riku receiving his 7th Grade Certificate.

Adrian receiving his 7th Grade Certificate.

Paulo has a hard time doing abacus calculations at first.
He really wants to receive his STEP book and now he has.

Miss Leizl is ding JUMP in a span of 2weeks.

Izzy will be taking on a new challenge from now.
Best of luck, Izzy.

Geoff happily receiving his 8th Grade Workbook.
He is now ready to take the 9th Grade Examinations next month.

Welcome to 8th Grade Therese!! Therese has accomplished 9th Grade.
This month, she will be taking the 9th Grade Exam.

7Spirit kids doing their weekly Abacus lesson routine.
We will be introducing them one by one. Stay tune for more updates.

T. Mei explaining to Mariel about 9th Grade Introduction Print.


Happy Sunday everyone!! Everyone happily doing abacus calculations.

Come and join us in IPPO!! Let’s improve your foundations.

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Abacus Teacher at IPPO Japanese Math Inc.
Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!
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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!