Confidence, Determination and Concentration can be Enhanced through Abacus Education

A week after the Licensure Exam, students can receive the results.

In the student’s board, you can see an orange ribbon on the student’s name who passed the exam.


Courtney finally had the passing score of 80% for Receipt Calculations.

Even without her eyeglasses, Ms. Liezl is still pursuing her abacus computations.

Courtney doing her Anzan computations while Izzy is using the calculator to check whether Courtney’s answer is correct or not.

Izzy moving a “STEP” up the Abacus ladder. Good job!

Would the mom be beaten by the daughter? For Miss Liezl, I think that’s a NO-no.

Wednesday (8/2/17)

Anton is really doing good today. Most of the time, he can’t reach his desired goal but today he really did it.
Continue doing so Anton. Make your mommy proud!

Janelle working hard to achieve a score of 100 on each Test. (Multiplication; Division; Addition/Subtraction)
Concentration is one of the life skills each individual should development.
In Abacus education, you can train for an hour to sharpen concentration skills.

T. Mei explaining to Miss Liezl how to properly “Tranform”.

Courtney received her 2nd Grade Workbook today. “It was a bit challenging.”, she said.
She is now doing Minus Calculation.

Friday (8/4/17)

T.G.I.F. Thank God Its Friday. Not for this Abacus Learners.
They are having more than an hour to sharpen their Abacus Skills and to soar greater heights.

Kaniel, though he finds it very difficult to answer the few pages left in his JUMP book he was still really eager to finish and accomplish things.
A determination is the way to success.

Harry finished 2 rows of his STEP 21.

Gael fascinating about solving the question all by himself completely without the aid of teachers.

Dr. Borromeo trying not to forget how to properly move his fingers.

These students are in Timer Group. They are pressured with time.
They should finish 20 questions in 10 minutes and should have a score of 60% in order to pass.

Kiev is really happy about finishing his goal. Through this is not the first time yet now he really did it all by himself.
Kudos to Kiev.

Jeanelle is now done with 9th Grade Introduction Print and will proceed to 9th grade Workbook.
Please continue your love for Abacus.

Saturday (8/5/17)

Ralph is back on track. After spending 4 hours in Abacus education, I can say that the Ralph I have known before is back.
Welcome back, Ralph.

Failures are there so that we can continuing learning.
Vash is doing everything to overcome any obstacles he faces.
Keep up the great job, Vash!!

Yana never hesitates to ask questions. This is a trait, all people should have.
Ask and you shall be answered. If she doesn’t know how to solve a problem, she would always catch your attention and ask what she needs to do.

This week, Derek was not really eager to do Abacus Calculations. Though, he finished his goals

At first, Kyoshiro was hesitant about doing Abacus because her friend, Biju was not around.
Later on, he was able to focus and did Abacus Calculations.
He is doing HOP now.

Frustrations after frustrations. That’s what Adrian underwent before receiving the fruit of his labor, 5th grade Workbook.
Welcome to 5th Grade Adrian, Happy Calculating!!

Students (7pirit kids) and teachers are busy doing their thing.

T. Mei dictating numbers to the students for them to calculate using their Abacus.
This is what we call Yomiage-zan.

Sunday (8/6/17)

Self-management, that’s what these students are teaching us.
Every student manages heir own time to finish the goals they have set.

Even small kids can manage their time and finish their goals.

If they have any questions or they have done their job, they raise their hand to catch the teacher’s attention.
In Abacus Education, you can develop this skill through constant doing.

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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!
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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!