IPPO Students displaying their Calculation Skills in Banawa and A.S Fortuna

Konnichiwa!! This is examination week. IPPO conducts license examinations every month. Every student who wishes to level up takes this exam.

Not everyone through can take the exam. I’m so excited to see the results. Ganbatte everyone!!

And also some students are sick thus they were unable to take classes. Please be well everyone! See you soon!

Tuesday ( 7/25/17)

T. Mei teaching Pierce about HOP 11 while Jeanelle is concentrating doing JUMP.
She is almost done with her JUMP book.

Courtney enjoying what she is doing.

Wednesday (7/26/17) -Abacus License Examination-

Today is the most awaited examination day.

Students study hard to prepare and condition themselves. Good luck students!!

Examination results will be given on August 2.

Courtney is taking her 4th Abacus Licensing Exam.

Biju is taking her 8th Abacus Licensing Exam.

Vash is taking his 6th Abacus Licensing Exam.

Janelle moving to TEST group and is ready for Anzan (Mental) Calculations.

Harry eagerly trying to finish his STEP 21.

Anton with his 8th Grade Worksheets. Multiply faster Anton.

Friday (7/28/17) -Anzan License Examination-

No one has the courage to take Anzan(Mental Calculation) License Examinations.

We encourage students to take Anzan Exams.

Gael is focusing on finishing his goals.

Dr. Danny, Gael’s Dad, is now into Abacus Education.
Once your child is enrolled as a regular student, Parents can avail of the Parent’s Course.

Izzy is one of our new students. She is in Grade 8 at M.Zed Christian School.
She is about to finish her HOP book.

Yanna, Izzy’s sister, is also enrolled and now thinks that Math is fun and easy.

Ms. Liezl, Izzy and Yanna’s mom, is also doing Abacus together with her daughters.
Welcome to IPPO Qulining Family!!

Paulo left his IPPO Bag(contains his Abacus and textbook) yet it didn’t hinder him from taking Abacus Lessons.
That’s the spirit, Paulo!

Maegan is really happy receiving her 3rd Anzan Challenge Workbook.
She really enjoys doing Anzan (Mental) Calculations.

Nothing can beat how serious Kiev is. Continue what you are doing, Kiev!!

Saturday (7/29/17)

Today is Biju’s birthday! Happy birthday Biju!! Biju had a Pizza Party for the IPPO Family!!

Everyone spent 2 hours doing Abacus lessons. Some students even did 4 hours.
Keep your spirits high everyone!!

Therese received her 9th Grade Workbook. Strive more Therese!!

T. Mei guiding Yanna on how to “Transform”.

Geoff really happy to receive his 9th Grade Workbook

Willian is patiently doing her Calculation Quiz. You can do it, Willian.

T. Mei dictating numbers to 7spirit kids for them to calculate.

Everyone is taking Abacus Lessons seriously.

Sunday (7/30/17) -@ A.S Fortuna-

Everyone doing their best to meet their goals. Good Job Everyone!!

Ehvo joined us in A.S Fortuna. He is enthusiastically doing his Abacus Calculations.

Mason and Shin received their STEP books. Congratulations!!

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Abacus Teacher at IPPO Japanese Math Inc.
Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!
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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!