What are my Children Doing in IPPO, Banawa? What is IPPO?

Hi everyone, IPPO will now start updating you guys with the students progress.

You can keep track of your children’s development and see what they are doing every time they are in IPPO Japanese Math School.

Have a look at what they have achieved this week. (7/11/17 – 7/16/17)


Regularly, IPPO starts its week on a Tuesday. This Tuesday we only have a few students scheduled. Have a glimpse of their day. Gael, 4-year old, is doing Abacus lessons. He is currently doing HOP 7.

Jeanelle started doing Abacus last July 5. Now, she is currently working on her STEP book. In a span of 1 week, she finished her first book.

Pierce, Jeanelle’s brother is also doing Abacus. He is currently doing HOP and is very eager to learn something new.

WEDNESDAY (7/12/17)

Happy Wednesday everyone.
Let me introduce you to Derek, 8-year-old. He is working on his Hop textbook and is eagerly doing Abacus calculations.

Sonic received his 9th Grade Certificate. He is currently working on 8th Grade introduction print. Keep up the good work students!

Harry, 5-year old, is doing Abacus calculations using his STEP book.

T. Mei doing Yomiage-zan with Biju,5-year old. Biju is currently doing 7th Grade Abacus Calculations.

Janelle seriously doing her Multiplication exercise using her Abacus.

FRIDAY (7/14/17)

TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday) everyone! On this day, most of our students are between 4-6 years old. Here are some of them. Also today, Courtney and Adrian received their certificates for passing their respective exams.

Kiev, 6-year old, is doing Abacus lessons seriously.

Kaniel, 4-year old, with T. Mei, is currently in his JUMP textbook. During this time, T. Mei is teaching him how to properly place numbers in the Abacus.

Courtney, 8-year old, is currently in 3rd Grade and is now doing Receipt Calculations.

Adrian, 12-year old, received his 9th and 8th Grade Licensing Exam Certificates. Every month we have Abacus Exams in order to determine students’ progress.

Courtney with her 6th and 5th Grade Licensing Exam Certificates.

Willian, 6-year old, is focusing on what she is doing and patiently solves for the answer.

SATURDAY (7/15/17)

Pleasant Saturday!, we have the most number of students for this is the only free time they have from school activities. Some students are also practicing for their Abacus examination.

(from left to right), Biju (8th Grade), Courtney(3rd Grade), Ralph(5th Grade) and Vash(6th Grade) are practicing for their Abacus Examinations.

Their goal is to finish within 10 minutes each task. They have to do Multiplication, Division, and Addition.
This is Avery, he is currently doing 6th Grade Introduction Print. Recently, he passed 7th Grade Licensing Abacus Exam.

Anton, 5-year-old, is concentrating on his Abacus calculations.

These students are in the TRY Group and TIMER Group. At this moment, they are guided by teachers to ensure they are doing the proper steps.

SUNDAY (7/16/17)

Blessed Sunday to all!!

We teach Abacus in Ichiriki Chaya (in A.S Fortuna). We plan on doing this every Sunday


After a serious Abacus Lesson, T. Mei refreshes by playing table tennis. He said this is a popular pastime in Japan.


Thank you for enrolling your child in IPPO. We believe that improving the child’s basic mathematical skills in an early age would give them a better edge in the future. That’s all for now. See you again next week. Let’s Learn Math the Japanese Way.

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Abacus Teacher at IPPO Japanese Math Inc.
Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!
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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!