【Updated】IPPO Summer Schedule 2018

Hi everyone, what’s up? Summer is just around the corner and we would like to inform you about some changes in IPPO’s Class Schedule. Please take time to scroll and update your lesson hours for Regular IPPO students.

1st and 2nd week of April 2018

IPPO students can now come at an earlier time during weekdays to have Abacus Lessons.
Please do let us know if you wish to change your regular schedules.

Please refer to Class Calendar for visual representation.

From 3rd week of April, May & June 2018

We believe that most of the Regular School classes will end by April that’s why we are offering morning classes starting from the 3rd week of April and for the months of May and June.

For IPPO Regular Students

*Only morning class for 28 April because of Bon-Odori Festival near J-Center Mall.

Please refer to Class Calendar for visual representation.

Course Upgrading for Summer

IPPO Student
2 x a weekAdd 1,000pesos, you can upgrade to Free Course for MAY & JUNE
(2-hour maximum/day)
3 x a weekFree upgrade to Free Course for  MAY&JUNE (2-hour maximum/day)
Free CourseSame as usual

Regular IPPO Twice a Week students can upgrade to Free Course by adding 1,000php. This is for the months of May and June already.

For IPPO Thrice a Week students you can upgrade to Free Course for Free.
You can enjoy up to 2 hours of Abacus Lesson for 4 days maximum in a week.

Please feel free to contact T.Pau if you wish to upgrade and update your schedule.

For Summer Class Students

IPPO will also be offering SUMMER CLASSES for May & June 2018! We will update it soon!


What are you waiting for? Upgrade now!!

Take this time to challenge and upgrade your Abacus Skills. More classes mean more time to practice and more time for improvement. Remember that you have goals set for this year IPPO students, accomplish them early and set new goals to reach.

Good luck!!

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Hi this is teacher Mei! Do you like Math? If no,, Let's study Math with me in IPPO!
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Hi this is teacher Mei! Do you like Math? If no,, Let's study Math with me in IPPO!