IPPO Summer Class 2018!!【Limited Slots only】

Hi everyone! Here are the details for Summer Class 2018.

IPPO will be having Summer Classes for the months of May and June, hopefully for July also as most schools will be starting this coming school year this August.

Let’s Activate our brains and have fun with Math. Please check out the details and steps on how to join!


Details of Summer Class
LocationIPPO Escario (4F, Winland Tower 2)
4th Floor, Winland Tower 2, Extension Road, Escario, Cebu, Philippines
Google Map
Fee3,000php / 8 sessions
*Abacus (FREE Rental)
*Textbook (Inclusive)
RequirementGrade 1 -10 students
*Welcome! Incoming G1 students!
*Limited to 5 kids per batch

The Map of IPPO Escario

More Details: IPPO Relocates to Escario on April 2018


Course NameDateTimeSessionsSlots

*Summer class in June is rescheduled.
*First Registered, First Served policy
*We can adjust your Summer Schedule as soon as possible!
*We have no classes on holiday in MAY & JUNE.

  • May-①&②
    5/2(Wed), 5/4(Fri), 5/8(Tue), 5/9(Wed), 5/11(Fri), 5/15(Tue), 5/16(Wed), 5/18(Fri)
  • Jun-①&②
    6/1(Fri), 6/5(Tue), 6/6(Wed), 6/8(Fri), 6/13(Wed), 6/19(Tue), 6/20(Wed), 6/22(Fri)

How to join?

  1. Register through the link below. Please indicate in the message area about “Summer Class” and “Course Name(May-②, June-①)”.
    Please fill up details completely. Please make sure you type in a valid email address and phone number.
    ★Free-Trial Application:
  2. Receive a confirmation message from IPPO.
  3. Attend the Scheduled Free Trial Class on time.
  4. Join Summer class together with Regular Students

or please feel free to contact!
IPPO Contact: 0956-2773-873


Students will be taught the Basics of Abacus Calculation.

They would learn how to put and read numbers on the Abacus, Do Simple arithmetic like Addition and Subtraction and develop Life Skills that can help them throughout their journey in life.

This will also be a new experience for children who think that Math is boring and difficult.

Oh! If classes would be opening by August, students will have more time to do extracurricular work that can help them in their studies. You can always extend for the next month if your child wishes to!

Come and Join IPPO this Summer Class 2018!!

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Hi this is teacher Mei! Do you like Math? If no,, Let's study Math with me in IPPO!
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Hi this is teacher Mei! Do you like Math? If no,, Let's study Math with me in IPPO!