What You can Obtained by Spartan Education

I think that I heard the word Sparta as a child’s educational policy. Although it may be used not only at the site of education but also discipline at home, let us introduce what is the advantage and disadvantage about Sparta education.

What is the Spartan Education?

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It seems that the word “Spartan education” has not heard much recently. The importance of freely advancing individuality is emphasized in the field of education, and the word Sparta has become a word a long time ago.
In educational books, “Spartan education” refers to education like severe training. The origin of the word depends on the historical fact that in the country of Sparta of ancient Greece, they were strictly training the children to become the soldier of their country.

Spartan Education can be Obtained Mind to Keep Discipline

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Growing up in the Spartan Education makes it easier to adapt to group life and activity. It will become a familiar to schools and companies who value group harmony because it will be able to put up with the action without rebellion what the upper person says. Also, we will be able to act harmoniously by thinking about other people.

Is Autonomy Lost in Spartan Education?

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Be Pressed Against the Unilateral Thinking

In Spartan education, it is important to people the idea to stand up and those who are under are required to follow it. Basically, they will not discuss it by listening to the opinions of those people in the lower position. So, there are times when they impose the wrong way of thinking, then you are compelled to obey even though your heart says otherwise. In the case of Spartan education, there are cases where you are discipline with violence, but in that case, the wounds of your heart will be even deeper.

Impossible to Think and Act on Your Own

In Sparta education, you cannot do something on your own but to wait for the instruction from the upper position or your boss. So, it will become impossible to think and act on your own.

Motivation Goes Down

People anyone desire to do something on your own. However, in the Spartan education, which forces specific actions, can deprive these natural feelings. There is a need for adults to teach social rules out of children. However, in Spartan education that forces “do it!” Without reasoning, even if you are obedient at first, you will gradually become less motivated. After all, it is difficult to continue without doing something voluntarily from myself.


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Spartan education, although it seems to be natural for a while ago, there was a time, but now is the era of personality. There is freedom to think by yourself and decide yourself. It is impossible to pursue the same way of thinking and action. Because each person’s personality is different.

There may have been times when it was necessary to create a strong army, but education is not an army. Respecting individual personality and recognizing each person’s way of thinking can be said to be the primary way of education.

Reference: いしど式まとめ from ISHIDO-SHIKI JAPAN
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