5 Rules That Parents Should Never Do

To motivate children, “Parents Support” is most important. It gives children encouragement and confidence to stand and do things on their own. But, there are also parents that give discouragements to their children.
This article will explain why parents should never do that to their children.

Multiplication of Three Parties

This formula shows the connection between the three members, the “parents”, “children”, and the “teacher”. It shows how parents and teachers are connected to make the child gain knowledge, skills, and confidence.

In connection, parents should continue supporting and motivating their child to study harder. It is a support that can be done as a parent to extend the motivation of each one of them. Teacher’s passion and parent’s support are needed for the child’s motivation to learn.

To Parents: Never do these things

①Stop the child to gain experiences.

Adults and children are not alike. Adults have a lot of experiences than children. Do not say “Why can’t you do this? But I can.” to your child.

Parents tend to take the lead in their children’s life and would say “Do not do this, you shouldn’t do that, instead do this”. It is not about you, let the child choose for themselves. Parents are there just to guide and support them, not to lead their life as what you want them to be. Let the child gain more experiences for them to know how important life is.

②Force your child to study.

Parents tend to pressure their children to succeed. “I don’t want you to fail”, “Do not fail me.” “Study more so you can pass!” are some things parents would tell to their children. Pressure may lead the child to loss their focus and tend to repeat the process. Especially in learning Abacus, where repeating a process is needed. Let them enjoy their life as a child if they fail then let them try again. Failure is a stepping stone to success. If they fail on the first try, do not worry they still have the chance to do it. Remember the saying “Try and try until you succeed”. It feels good to have success because you try hard on it.

③No care for their child.

It is important that parents support their child in their interests especially in some learning activities and sports. Therefore, as a parent, please be pleased with the result and don’t forget to compliment them for a job well done and as result, the child tends to do his or her best and would say “I can do such thing”, and “I can do it”.

④Neglect them.

Neglecting is one of the most painful feeling a child can experience. If the parent denies the child’s hard work, it makes the child’s heartbreak. Do not say “What is the use of learning Abacus?”, “Is this what you’ve learned?” Especially, if that child tries hard to study to have good grades. Do not deny them. Appreciate their hard work and do not forget to compliment them.

⑤Compare them with other children.

Every child is different. They have individual differences in their growth. They have different personalities and abilities. Not, all children are good in all fields. There is something that every human being is not good at.

Do not compare them with other people especially to their sibling, it makes them feel insecure and they would think that they are worthless. Do not say things like  “Your sister was able to pass, why can’t you?”, “Follow what did your older brother do!!”. Learning is not a competition and evaluation. Please respect your child drive in learning and have faith in them. 


To the teacher, give them the knowledge and skills, precise instructions and cheers in the classroom and in the outside world.

To the parents, give them motivation and support that are needed in order to gain confidence to start a new day.

Always stay close to the personality and feelings of the child, even if it is painful, only the parents or guardians and not anyone else can keep them walking toward their goals.

Reference: いしど式まとめ from ISHIDO-SHIKI JAPAN
Translate: IPPO Japanese Math School

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Hi! My name is Richel. I am one of the teacher here in IPPO. Let's do Abacus together and hope you enjoy reading the article. Thank you!! :)