NPO Seven Spirit kids learns Abacus!

What is NPO Seven Spirit?

Seven Spirit is a Japan/Philippines-based Non Profit Organization. They aim to give educational opportunities and life-skills ability to the less fortunate children through music and sports. Here are the activities of NPO Seven Spirit.

NPO Seven Spirit Activities

“SOS” Choir ~Singers On the Street

NPO Seven Spirit organized a choir group consists of street children to let children know that they still have role in the society. This activities could boost their confidence in front of many people and lastly to develop their singing skills.

UUU Project Orchestra

UUU Project Orchestra is a project of 14 musicians from Japan to Cebu last February 2012. The group named “UUU” standing for “M”usic “U”nites the World aims to achieve their goals:

– To provide opportunities for Cebuano children to familiarize with Classic Music
– To encourage Japanese and Filipino musicians to interact for the development of the culture.

The Seven Spirit is supporting the activities of UUU.

Seven Spirit Music Studio

The Seven Spirit organization decided to open music studio in Parian, Cebu City, to help kids to achieve their goals through music.

Details for NPO Seven Spirits

This video shows the Seven Spirit’s kids learning music.

For more information about NPO Seven Spirit.

Address: Mabini St., Corner Zulueta St. Pari-an, Cebu City

Introduction to IPPO and Abacus

In partnership with NPO Seven Spirit, IPPO introduced Abacus to these kids! IPPO wanted to spread Abacus Education to let them know that learning Abacus is fun and enjoyable also.

We are privileged to teach these motivated and driven kids. We hope that through Abacus education they develop more life skills.

Before starting the Abacus lesson, Teacher Mei (IPPO’s head Abacus teacher) introduced first what is IPPO and the Abacus.

Teaching them how to properly read the numbers and how to put numbers on the Abacus.

The kids are very attentive in listening and eager to learn new especially the Abacus.

Here are the photos of the activity:

The scene: IPPO’s Teachers Mei and Richel introduced IPPO and Abacus to Seven Spirit’s kids.
The scene: The kids are attentively listening to the teacher.
The scene: Teacher Mei taught them on how to read numbers in the Abacus.

The kids are very excited to learn and use the Abacus. Now, let’s begin the session.

Calculation Test

After the introduction, the kids would answer the calculation test which composed of addition, multiplication and division.

They would answer addition for only 3 minutes from 1-15, while multiplication and division is only for 2 minutes each.

This activity is to know their calculation skills and how fast can they answer without using any calculators.

Here are the questions were given to them.

Picture: Addition is for 3 minutes from 1-15.
Picture: For multiplication and division for 2 minutes each.

Some people reactions after hearing the instruction would says “3 minutes only?” “It is hard!!” “Its so many” and lastly “what? 3 minutes? I cannot answer that”.

We also heard that reaction to the kids but even though they said that we saw their determination to answer the test and finish it in the given time.

Here are the pictures of the Seven Spirits kids doing the calculation test.

The scene: The kids are attentively listening to the instructions given by the teacher.
The scene: The kid is very focus on answering the calculation quiz.
The scene: Kids quietly answering the test.
The scene: This boys is using a scratch paper while answering.
The scene: She is using her hand in obtaining the answers.

The pictures show that the kids used many methods like using a scratch paper, their hands and skip counting (most on multiplication)  just to get the answer because solving a calculation is not easy especially with limited time only but in learning Abacus these calculation become easy to solve.

Concentration, memory skills, and computation are just some of what you develop in using the Abacus.

Now, it’s Abacus Lesson Time!!

Abacus Lesson

IPPO’s class do greeting before and after class. So, let do greeting, “Ki-wo-tsuke (Attention)” “Rei (Bow)”  and say “Onegai-shimasu” and let’s begin the class.

The kids are divided into 3 groups for the three teachers. The lesson would start from familiarizing the numbers and what would the numbers from 1-9 looked like in the Abacus.

They would start from the basic on how to add and subtract the numbers. By the used of two fingers the thumb (for addition) and index (for subtraction).

Here’s what they do:

The scene: These group of kids is very focus while doing an Abacus.
The scene: The kids are happily answering the questions using the Abacus.
The scene: Teacher Mei is watching them while they are doing an Abacus.

The lesson is fun and very enjoyable. The kids can easily understand and would always follow the instruction.

If you want to watch them doing the Abacus just watch this video.

Greeting after class is ” ki-wo-tsuke” “Rei” and say “Arigatou-gozaimahita”. Thank you!!

Thank you and Say cheese!!

The scene: Teacher Mei with the Seven Spirits kids after the class.

Thank you, NPO Seven Spirit for allowing us to share our knowledge about Abacus Education. We hope you learn something from us.  Learning Abacus is also fun and enjoyable.

See you on next IPPO’s class!!

IPPO is having a class session in NPO Seven Spirit. Here’s the information:

When: Every Saturday at 4pm – 5pm
Where: In 7 Spirit Studio (Mabini St., Corner Zulueta St. Pari-an, Cebu City)

See you on our next class. Thank you!!

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Hi! My name is Richel. I am one of the teacher here in IPPO. Let's do Abacus together and hope you enjoy reading the article. Thank you!! :)