Roles in Reinforcing Students Activities

Teacher’s Role

Students learn primarily from teachers while they are inside the classroom. An hour may not be enough to help the students grasp all the information especially when they are very young.
Teachers would then do drills and activities that would help the students remember and have them use the information they have learned.

Through repeated activities like Calculation Quiz, Multiplication Exercise and Abacus worksheets, help students to be more familiarized with the steps in doing Abacus Calculations. But not all students are alike, some need more guidance and reinforce thus the role of parents take place.

Parent’s Role

Most parents nowadays are either busy working or have important matters to attend to but let’s not forget about our children.
Spending time with them builds their confidence and self-esteem.

In learning also, parents would always be the first teachers and our children would always look upon us.
In Abacus education, especially very young kids, parents need to reinforce their learning by having casual talk of what they have learned and test them for what they have learned.

For example, your child is learning multiplication at the age of 4, a child at that age can’t easily memorize and familiarize the Multiplication Table at school thus we can throw multiplication questions at them randomly to stimulate their interest and for them to be able to have a reason to memorize something.
The best feeling for a child is to be able to impress their parents.


Peer’s Role

Children are competitive in nature. They tend to be more motivated if they are challenged or if they see their friends, classmates do something interesting or have caught their attention.

In Abacus classroom, though students are not compared because of each student’s pace is different yet some students have the motivation to do things in a hurry and to finish their work as fast as they can to be at par with their classmates. This is what the role of peers are, they are indirect motivators and they are like goals for students to reach.


It is through the help of everyone in the society that a child can reach her full potential.

Students have there unique way of learning thus what people surrounding them should be doing is to support them in any venture that they will be choosing.

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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!