IPPO Relocates to Escario on April 2018

IPPO Relocates to Escario (inside Winland Tower!)

When: 3 April 2018 (We start classes on 3 April 2018, Check Schedule here!)
Location: 4th Floor, Winland Tower 2, Juana Osmeña Extension Road, Escario, Cebu, Philippines
*Same floor with SousPeak  (ESL School)

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/7uPARaDH4a12

Is there a space to park?

Yes, a parking area is accessible.

Parents and guests can park for 15-minutes free of charge.

Visitors parking area.

Is there a waiting area for parents?

Poolside Area (4F-Tower 2)

Yes, there will be a waiting area for you. IPPO will be giving you updates on this one. For the meantime, you can relax and unwind in the poolside area.

Japanese Carinderia (3F-Tower 2)

Hungry? There is a Japanese Carinderia in the 3rd floor. You can take a break and savor Japanese food here. They also offer coffee, bento, ramen and many more. Sit, eat and relax.

Direction to IPPO inside Winland Tower 2

This is the Entrance of Winland Tower 1 & 2.

Please proceed to the entrance of  Tower 2, not Tower 1.

This is the lobby of Winland Tower 2. Then, please go up to 4th floor using the elevator!

Welcome to IPPO! Here is our new Location!

IPPO is the same floor with SousPeak English School!


A new beginning, New place, new environment, new people, new classmates and new learning. Let’s make more fun and unforgettable memories here in Winland Tower!

See you guys soon!!

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Hi this is teacher Mei! Do you like Math? If no,, Let's study Math with me in IPPO!