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Certainly abacus was transmitted from China to Japan about 500 years ago. After that the abacus was adopted as one of the most important basic education in Japan. The abacus learner increases concentration and memory power through abacus learning, and the brain becomes more activated. As a result, you will acquire skills to help you not only study schools such as maths, but also work from entering society. We strongly recommend abacus learning itself whether it is Chinese Abacus or Japanese abacus. Supplementarily, IPPO is focusing not only on abacus calculation but especially on improving Mental Math.
Link: 3 Reasons Why Leaning Abacus is Useful for Every Subject
Link: History of Japanese Abacus - IPPO Website
Abacus is a long-term education. It is a prerequisite to continue studying for 2 - 3 years.
Absolutely. It is necessary for the child to experience doing the Abacus prior to enrollment. Please refer to the link below. Link: Enrollment Procedure - IPPO Website
No problem about that but when your child uses the abacus he must use his right hand.
No, there isn't but IPPO needs to assess the readiness of the child towards learning the Abacus. We have limited slots for each age category. Link: What Age is Best for a Child to Start Learning Abacus? - IPPO Website
IPPO will not be accepting starting February 2018. There may be exemptions for students who have studied or experienced doing the Abacus.
No, the readiness of the child will be assessed and would depend on how he sees Abacus. Link: Enrollment Procedure- IPPO Website
Yes, of course. IPPO offers the service to everyone regardless of the age. Learning Abacus stimulates the brain, join our “Free Trial Lesson”. Link: Enrollment Procedure - IPPO Website
IPPO recommends Twice a Week Course for a more effective outcome. It is best for the child to be accustomed with doing Abacus first. We would discourage students to attend 2-hour lesson straight. It is best to have Abacus lesson as a habit.
No, you can use that Abacus in class.
In principle, you have to purchase or prepare the Abacus yourself.
No, we don’t have homework but if you would like your child to have one, please don’t hesitate to ask our teachers.
We are using textbooks acknowledged by ISHIDO-SHIKI Japan. They have been operating an Abacus School in Japan for over 40years thus their textbooks are tested and proven effective. Link: Textbook - IPPO Website
Yes, we have "Sibling discount" and "Refer friends discount". In addition to this, we temporarily make promos from time to time. Like our FB page to be updated.
There is no problem if your child has not mastered the Multiplication Table, In IPPO your child would learn that even though child is 5 years old.
Schedule are set timely but you can certainly change schedule just inform IPPO ahead of time, preferably a week before.
Yes, it would be. Please contact IPPO for more detailed information.
IPPO's Head Teacher is certified by Soroban Foundation of Japan. That's mean they are equipped with teaching skills that would help your child learn.
Link: Soroban Foundation of Japan *Japanese site
We have our own evaluation system utilizing "Assessment Record" and "Progress Sheet". Parents can also observe the class any time for you to be able to understand what they are doing.
Yes, indirectly. Learning the Abacus cultivates your child’s focus, awareness, imagination and memory in which would guide him on how to answer test.
Link: 5 Benefits of Learning Abacus - IPPO Website
It is basically necessary to be able attend classes at least twice a week. Please judge on your own and if you think you can handle the traffic jam and be able to attend on time, you can.
IPPO will announce timely. Please think of your child's safety first. You can always reschedule lesson dates anytime.
We have summer classes last 2017. We will be announcing if ever we will offer.


Q&A Student Enrolled

Every student can change course however only students who have reached 9th Grade can change to Free Course.
No need to notify IPPO however late students cannot attend the lesson scheduled if he arrives 10 minutes after. He may attend the next lesson hour.
It is held in “IPPO's class room". 10th-4th Grade: Every month / 3th-1th Grade: Every 2 months *Exact Examination Dates are determined by the branch.
It depends on the Branch. Once you have summited an application form, you cannot cancel anymore. *Teachers will assess if the student is ready to take the Exam. If he is ready, he needs to fill out the Exam Application Form and pass it before the exam deadline.
Yes, there is. We administer three other test Anzan, Yomiage-zan, Yomiage-anzan that would also help the enhancement of your child’s potential. Please contact or visit IPPO for more detailed information. (Anzan=Mental Calculation, Yomiage-zan=Dictation of sums, Yomiage-anzan=Dictation of Sums for Mental Calculation)
Referral discounts may be posted inside the classroom. Please ask the teachers for this.
There is nothing to worry about. Every child has his own way of learning things. We should not compare each child’s improvement.
Please don't hesitate to talk with the teacher personally. We can discuss this matter and would try to resolve the issue. We also would like to point out that we also would like to improve the student's discipline and there may be instances that teachers raise their voice.
Please report it immediately to any IPPO teacher.
Please make judgment through Free Trial. IPPO is aiming to provide the same quality service as Japan. Please understand that we are still in the process.
IPPO takes no responsibility for this matter. The child's education is our main concern.
Tuition fee is non-refundable. Security deposit will be returned once Withdrawal Submission is fulfilled. Link: Terms and Conditions- IPPO Website
Please ask for "Withdrawal Form" and fill it out.. Please submit "Withdrawal form" 30 days before the Withdrawal Date. Link: Terms and Conditions- IPPO Website