What is ISHIDO-SHIKI? How Did it Start?

ISHIDO-SHIKI was established on March 1973 wherein Kenichi Ishido is the Founder and the current Chairman of the Board. Helping him with his advocacies is Kiyomi Numata, Ishido-shiki’s President.  They have focused on providing educational know-how and the development of the Abacus. They have affiliated with different schools all over Japan to spread the importance and benefits of learning Abacus.

Let’s take a tour on how ISHIDO-SHIKI started:

 1973 ISHIDO-SHIKI was founded in Chiba, Japan
 1995  【Guatemala】ISHIDO Kira Soroban School opened in Guatemala
 2000  Internet Soroban School was Launched
 2006  ISHIDO-SHIKI Franchise begins
 2011  Shiroi Soroban Museum Opened in Chiba, Japan
 2012  ISHIDO-SHIKI reached 50 Schools
 【Germany】Professor Ogasawara joined the 5th World Mental Session for the first time and was declared the World champion in Germany
 【Turkey】Professor Ogasawara was invited to join MEMORIAD 2012 Olympic Games and has placed first in the second event of the ten events.
 2013  ISHIDO-SHIKI reached 100 Schools
 2016  ISHIDO-SHIKI reached 170 Schools
 【Philippines】IPPO Japanese Math School Opened in Cabu, Philippines

Up until now, ISHIDO-SHIKI is determined on spreading Soroban not only in Japan but also all over the world.

These are some of the branches that ISHIDO-Shiki has in Japan.

ISHIDO-SHIKI Corporate Site: Japanese / English

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