3 Groups System

Every classroom is designed to cater the needs of students.

Regardless their age, every student starts from the basic and progress throughout the lesson.
wp-ippo classroom


In TRY Group, every student is guided by teachers one on one. Teachers explain how to do calculation in the abacus step by step.


  • Students with no knowledge about doing abacus calculations.
  • Students working on HOP, STEP, JUMP textbook.
  • Students doing Calculation Quiz.
  • Students working on Introduction Prints.
  • Student answering Confirmation Test.

In TRY Group, students would have the know-how about abacus calculations and in the process, they would be accustomed to doing it.


In TIMER Group, students are pressured with time. They have to aim to finish a 20-item Multiplication Test in 10 minutes, a 20-item Division Test, and a 10-item Addition/Subtraction Test.

Students develop to manage their time and patiently do the calculations in a limited time frame. Every student would aim to reach the passing score for each Grade.


  • Students who completed JUMP passed Calculation Test and received their worksheet.

In TIMER Group, students do calculations independently and would try twice or thrice before asking help for the teachers.


In TEST Group, students are still pressured with time. Their ultimate goal is to get a 100% in every operation they are solving.


  • Students who can reach the passing score for Grade he/she is doing.
  • Students preparing for the monthly Licensing Exam.

In TEST Group, students are not allowed to ask questions while solving their worksheet. Believing in oneself and trusting the abacus are key to accurateness in this group.


In class, students are not allowed to roam around.
If students have clarifications and need help from teachers, they raise their hand to be recognized and patiently waits for the teacher to help them.
It is essential for a student to be aware of his/her mistakes in order to correct it and not do it again.
IPPO aims to develop an individual that is independent, creative and can solve every problem with confidence.

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