ISHIDO-SHIKI’s 7 Basic Rules

There are seven rules in ISHIDO-SHIKI. Rules are done to help the child not only in school but also in facing life’s challenges. Having a good attitude is most important, in doing we do it hand in hand.

①Be on Time, don’t be late

The execution of one’s task is a form of training and a habit, and is very vital when you face the real world. The most striking example is strict observance of time.
Therefore, as part of abacus learning, students are taught to go to classes on time.


②Do It Yourself

In Abacus classroom, every child is taught to be independent. The teacher just guides and follow-up on how the child will do inside the classroom.


③To observe the rule of the examination

In the classroom, certain dates are set for the child to have as a target for exam dates. Strict observances of this will help the child follow accordingly and that they are trained at a young age to meet certain deadlines.


④Take Responsible You Own

Preparing of one’s belongings yourself is a step to becoming self-reliant. A trait that would help you to be more of a responsible person.



To acquire something that is not taught after learning the basic is established when the child thinks and devise by himself on what to do next and refrain from doing mistakes. Self-assessment is also an important step in learning.


⑥Stand on Your Own

In the classroom, three important things are practiced: “Don’t stand”, “Don’t turn backward” and “Don’t talk with others”. We teach children that you never to make trouble to others even though small children.


⑦ Ahead of Time

If you decide to withdraw, informing ahead of time is needed. In everything that we do, it is very important to have a head up. It will always be the child’s decision so that he can feel a sense of accomplishment.



Strict discipline in education can only be done when there is affection.
More importantly, assuring our children that they can “DO IT” would go a long way in their lives. Confident to face the real world and to continue to learn independently, that’s how Abacus can help.

Reference: いしど式まとめ from ISHIDO-SHIKI JAPAN
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Hi this is teacher Mei! Do you like Math? If no,, Let's study Math with me in IPPO!