IPPO joins Bon Odori 2018

What is Bon Odori Festival?

Oh! I know. It is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors.

As Obon occurs in the heat of the summer, participants traditionally wear yukata or light cotton kimonos.

Many Obon celebrations include a huge carnival with rides, games, and summer festival food like watermelon.


There were many activities lined up for these two days of the festival. There are a number of food stalls, Anime items sold in shops any many more.

In collaboration with Kawaii Cafe, IPPO was a part of the booths that served people during Bon Odori.
You can borrow yukata and wear it for the day or have a photo taken with you wearing one.

yukata (浴衣) is a Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric, and unlined.

These photos were taken from the photo booth.

IPPO students are also there to witness the events. Courtney threw a shuriken, like a professional ninja.

Different events are lined up for the enjoyment of the people.

There 3 people on the stage are a comedian. They throw jokes in Cebuano and Tagalog.

I guess they are popular, so many people cheered for them.

This is the traditional Bon dance.

Families sent their ancestor’s spirits back to their permanent dwelling place under the guidance of fire: this rite was known as sending fire (Okuribi).

The fire also marks the commencement (Mukaebi) as well as the closing of the festival.


The event ended with a spectacular display of fireworks. I believe that everyone was anticipatedly waiting for it.

The sky was full of amazing lights that entail different things.

It is also best to experience Japanese Culture since we are sharing with the kids the use of the Abacus in their lifetime.

See you next Bon Odori, everyone. Thanks for the support

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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!
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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!