Anton 5-year-old is able to do multiplication only for 3 months!

Hi, everyone, we have something new for you. We would be sharing to you an interview with the mom of our pioneer student Anton. Just to tell you something about Anton.

Anton (5 year-old)

Anton is studying in USC Montessori Academy. He has been coming to IPPO since December 2, 2016. That’s mean he is IPPO’s first student. And now he is currently working on 9th Grade Workbook like the following.

9th Grade Workbook: Addition & Subtraction by 2-digit


9th Grade Workbook: Multiplication & Division

About IPPO’s Textbooks:

Ms. Sarah (Anton’s Mom)

Ms. Sarah graduated from International School for Hotel and Restaurant Management-Cebu (ISHRM-Cebu). She is a full-time mom of two kids. Being a hands-on mom, she really prioritizes education for her son’s future.

Question and Answer

––Before we talk about IPPO, can you share a little about Anton and Ralph before he started doing Abacus?

Anton really loves numbers and now he is really into multiplication.
Ralph is not really fond of Math and he does not want to study that is why I always push him to do things.

Scene: Ralph(Grade-7) and Anton(Kinder-2) are doing Abacus Seriously.

––That explains how enthusiastic Anton is while doing calculations. I’d like to ask how did you know IPPO Japanese Math School?

Through Facebook, I am very hands-on regarding their studies and every time I see to it to prepare activities for them to do ahead of time. As I was browsing through Facebook, I bumped into IPPO.

Interview scene: Teacher Mei & Ms Sarah

––I see. I also believe that Facebook is really helpful. So why decide to enroll Anton in IPPO?

I really like the idea of mental calculation that is why I chose for them to enroll in IPPO, also the location is accessible for us. I also want to prepare them for the future.

Anton also really loves numbers and as a parent, I want to hone that interest in Math. He is now really fond of Abacus, for him it is like a game, maybe because of the material used. Also, he only has a half day class in school so I’d like him to be busy doing something academic.

––That’s so good to hear from you Sarah-san! And I would like to ask what impression do you have of Abacus before and after your children’s enrollment here in IPPO?

Prior to IPPO, I usually search about Abacus through Youtube. I’m really amazed how Japanese kids and even Indian kids do calculations in a very fast pace with the use of the Abacus. I think they can go to college with this skill at a very young age.

I think Abacus is very useful, especially now that Anton is learning multiplication through the use of the Abacus. During his age, I was like still playing games because usually in the Philippines we learn multiplication in Grade 2 or 3.

Youtube: Abacus Competition in Japan by ISHIDO-SHIKI

–– You have mentioned that Anton only has a half-day class in school, so what activities keep Anton and Ralph busy now?

They are doing different activities like Soccer, Taekwondo, and Kumon. This coming end of April, they will be having Speech Communication and maybe he will be having Chinese Lessons.

KUMON and Abacus:

––Wow, children are really busy nowadays. They are really engaged in a number of activities. Does Anton talk about his activities back at home?about IPPO?

Well, yes, really he is very talkative in the house but he shares a little of his time here in IPPO. Whenever I asked him to show me, he will not do but when I ask him questions like addition and multiplication he answers quickly so I think he is doing well here in IPPO.

––That’s a relief. Well, Sarah-san, do you think Abacus education is beneficial for children? Math Tutorial in general? Why?

Yes, it is very beneficial. Anton can do multiplication at an early age and do addition a lot faster now.

He is loving Math more and more.

Based on my observation regarding Anton during his math tutorial, now it really helps so it is better for the Philippines to focus more on Math. For me, I learned multiplication when I was in elementary but now Anton do multiplication at a very young age. So, I think we really need this kind of education.

––I’m really to hear it! Would you recommend IPPO to your friends?

100% percent! Anton and Ralph really love it!

––Wow I’m so happy I’m about to burst into tears! Thank you so much for your cooperation Sarah-san, Ralph, and Anton!––

Scene: After the interview with all

IPPO will be regularly posting interviews with parents and guardians regarding their children’s improvement upon doing Abacus lessons.

Please read and learn how learning Math the Japanese Way is fun! See you soon!

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