How to Increase One’s Concentration?

Most people think “I can’t concentrate.” Some people think that they can do way better if they have concentration. So, what is concentration and how can we increase it?

What is Concentration?

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◎ The Ability to strive towards the goal. Concentration is the ability to concentrate on specific things and harness energy. The strong will in trying to achieve concrete goals is concentration.

◎ Activation of the right brain. When the person concentrates on something, the right brain is activated. The right brain controls intuition, memory and creativity, and high brain performance can be realized if the right brain relaxes.

◎ The Ability acquired from doing something difficult. To be motivated without knowing if it’s possible or not is concentration.

How does Concentration makes a child Strong?

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◎ A child that can concentrate does act, plan and make things by himself. Deciding on what to do, when to schedule and executing it regardless of what is done daily as long as he can manage his behavior towards things then surely the probability of achieving his goal is high.

◎ The ability to concentrate when emergency situations arise. A child with concentration has a firm understanding. So, don’t be afraid to take exams because it is said that if one concentrates results are produced.

◎ It is said that adults still have about 2 hours to be focused enough in order to produce results in a short time. Conversely speaking, a person with concentration can focus on things exactly in this two hours. It means that you can think and remember many things by concentrating exactly for two hours. So, children with concentration can study dense in a short time. Even if you do not forcibly study for a long time, you can get good grades in the test.

◎ If you have concentration to work on things you enjoy, performance will go up no matter what you do. For anyone, it is fun to be able to do something for the first time. Children with concentration can easily make results, so anything being done can be fun and interesting, on the other hand curiosity is developed.

How to Train one’s Concentration through Abacus?


Let’s think about how to train one’s concentration ability, let’s have situations inside the Abacus classroom as examples:

◎ In Abacus education, the child has his own goals to achieve and works hard to accomplish them. Abacus teachers guides and supports the child to make these goals possible. This curriculum allows the child to concentrate more in achieving his goals.

◎ Mental arithmetic which strengthens imagery and activates the right brain is learned inside the classroom. It is said that concentration is related to the development of the right brain.

◎ Increasing the times to concentrate daily. Once concentration becomes a habit then it would be very easy to concentrate from time to time. The more times you concentrate the easier is it to concentrate more.

In Abacus education, children come to class at least once or twice a week. In class, they are able to concentrate for a fixed time and is able to achieve the task. Therefore, you can train your ability to concentrate for that time.

◎ Do things that are fun and interesting. You can concentrate more when doing interesting things. Therefore, I adopt the method called small step. By accumulating a lot of small targets, we accumulated the experience of “able to do!”, Thereby devising measures to sustain motivation.


Concentration is not given by anyone. It is something that everyone has and can be trained at any time. Once acquired, it is an ability to have for a lifetime, that is why it is best to train it from a young age.

Reference: いしど式まとめ from ISHIDO-SHIKI JAPAN
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