How to Progress Smoothly in Abacus Education

Every learner is unique. Some may learn quickly and some may take time to progress. But how will a child progress in learning Abacus? What should he do and how could he do it?

These are the questions most of the parents may think of. There are several tasks that the child needs to do in his Abacus Lessons: he adds numbers, subtracts and in his higher Abacus Lessons he will be learning multiplication and division.

Let’s talk about Addition and Subtraction:

Kids, especially kids learning to read and write may find addition and subtraction difficult and that is where the Abacus does its magic.

By moving the beads up and down kids learn the concept of how to add and subtract.
When the beads are pushed up it means addition and when it is pulled back then it is subtraction.

Kids may not think of it as doing calculations but they are actually doing such.
On the latter part, he will be able to see the composition of numbers like  5 = (4 + 1) , (1+ 4), (3 +2) , (2 + 3).

This part is really difficult for children as they need to imagine the number, the bead, and how many would they be together.

How about Multiplication and Division?

Multiplication is all about memorization. Multiplication is done best with repetition.
In Abacus lessons, students need to do a number of calculations involving multiplication.

Students need to familiarize and memorize the multiplication table in order for them to smoothly do 9th Grade Abacus wherein they use the abacus to do Multiplication Calculations.
The more the students are exposed to situations dealing with the multiplication of numbers the more they are to absorb such information.

Division is the inverse of multiplication.Once the student mastered multiplication there is a great possibility that division would be not so difficult for him.


As parents, we can help them practice by randomly asking them questions out of the blue.

If we can have it as part of their routine then in no time they can be familiar with it and would do it with stressing their brain too much.

Parents are students first teachers. Teach them well.


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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!