How Important is Basic Math?

Importance of Basic Math

Basic Math is nothing but the simple or basic concept related to mathematics.
Mathematical concepts are built on the 4 arithmetic operation (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division).
These operations are essential in the study of Higher Mathematics and are used in everyday life.
A survey done by The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development,  published in March 2013, states: “Math proficiency is a strong predictor of positive outcomes for young adults. It influences their ability to participate in post-secondary education and their expected future earnings”.

Making choices.

People may seem not to notice but our choices have something to do with math. Let’s say shopping when we shop for clothes we consider the color, the size, the symmetry and may more. When shopping for food, we try to consider the nutritional facts, if it is freshly picked or when is the expiration date. There are a lot of events wherein Math is used unknowingly.

 Learning math is naturally good for the brain.

Mathematics stimulates the two hemispheres of your brain thus gives you the ability to maximize your brain functions. As simple as comprehending and adding numbers you can already maximize your brain functions.

Math helps you with your finances.

In the world of business, there are so many competitors that are willing to take you down that is why you must have an edge over them. Projecting the movement of the business index, the ratio over the consumer goods and the supplies and even the assets and liabilities. Strengthen mathematical fundamental gives you a better perspective and lets you react immediately.

 Math is used in practically every career in some way.

Taking job interviews is what we do upon graduating and with that Math is being used. How fast we can answer? What is the elapsed time? When you land a job, you will eventually think of the time you need to be there, the time you need to go home, how long would it take if you use the elevator or the stairs. The time it takes for you to complete a task.

Math makes you a better cook.

Math is about measurement so as cooking. The more proportional your measurement, the better the taste of the food.

We all use math.

Regardless of one’s status, age, religion, geography, nationality and some more factors, math is being utilized by everyone. People in the US use Math so does people in India. Language may vary but the mathematical concepts, theorems, and postulates are the same.


Math is all around us and helps us understand the world better.
Strengthen your basic math and have an edge in the future.

Love math, because it is a part of your life.
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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!