Finland’s Educational System

Every country in the world has its own system for education. It differs on how to implement it and the people works in their country.

For example Japan, Philippines and Singapore Method for teaching Math. In Japan, Abacus Method is very famous which helps students to calculate Math.

In the Philippines, they have different method in teaching Math and lastly Singapore, They uses Singapore Method in teaching their students.

Last 2015, Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) organize by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) where 15-year-old school pupils around the world would take an exam on Mathematics, Science and Reading. When the result was released, the top five are Singapore, Japan, Estonia, Chinese Taipei, and Finland. The top five composed of 3 Asian and 2 European countries (Estonia and Finland)

Finland is known as Santa Claus, Moomins, and Saunas. But, many people don’t know their education system. This article will tackle Finland Method in teaching. Let’s find out!!

What Kind of Country is Finland?

Lake of the wood in Finland

Finland is a country rich in welfare policies, and women’s advancement in society is also progressing. About 70% of the land is forest, and 10% is the lake forest and lake country. It is also the village of Santa Claus and Moomin, famous for Xylitol and Aurora. A mysterious and beautiful country blessed with nature.

The great place in Finland is the handiness of social security and the high degree of happiness. Already in the 1970s socialization of elderly support from family problems. The elderly have the right to receive public care.

In advanced countries with gender equality, women are full-time workers, and the birthrate is kept at a high level because there is a mechanism to support parenting in society as a whole.

According to such a social system, the public’s happiness level is high, according to the United Nations’ 2016 World happiness survey, Finland is ranked in the top five.

Finland’s  Curriculum

The students raising their hands to answer.

Finland has its own educational system that is different from other countries.

These are Finland’s Education Curriculum:

1. Fewer class hours and long holidays

In Finland, the number of class days is small and the summer vacation is two months. The child would be able to spend their holidays very much because of their no homework policy. Even so, since it is always in the upper level in international academic ability tests, it can be said that true clearance education is an example of success.

2. Small group system is basic

In their school, there are just about 20 students in each classroom. The teacher grasps the student’s progress finally, personally and if there are children who are behind, the teacher organizes supplementary support so that student can catch up.

3. Quality of the teachers are high

In order to be a teacher, the individual must go to a graduate school after graduating in a university and obtain a degree from that school.

4. Tuition Fee is free

In Finland, their tuition fee is free of charge from elementary school to graduate school. If you want to study at graduate school while you work not only for your children but also for adults, you can take it for free. The free education guarantees the right to receive an education equal to the people. Without concern for tuition fee, the door to advanced education is open to anyone.

The Fun of Finland’s Education

Students in a classroom.

In Finland’s education, there is an effort that can not be thought in other countries common sense.

1. No test at school

There are no tests at school until the child reaches to 16 years old. They believe that Education is not a competition. So, it is not done in Finnish schools to test, score points and to rank among the students. And lastly, there is no classification by ranks and grades

2. Admission and Graduation System.

Actually, in Finland, their admission, promotion, and graduation will be conducted according to the child’s development. Looking at the state at preschool, if they think that it is still early for the child to enter elementary school. The child will be observed for one year until he/she can enter elementary school.

Example, one student cannot keep up with the lesson, he will be in a supplementary class first. But, if it is still difficult for him to catch up, he had no choice but to retake the lesson next year. When graduating from junior high school, they can choose to postpone the graduation.


The kids learning Abacus (Russian).

Finland’s education does not rely on grades or rank among students. Instead of competing with each other, the schools want the child to do best at their own pace. Also, they want their teachers to be professional.

Do you like Finland’s Educational System? Would like to go there?

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Hi! My name is Richel. I am one of the teacher here in IPPO. Let's do Abacus together and hope you enjoy reading the article. Thank you!! :)