Enrollment Procedure / 入学までの流れ

①Fill-up and submit “Free-Trial Application”

  • Date & Time of Free Trial:
  • Applicant’s Full Name:
  • School Grade:
  • E-mail:
  • Contact No:
  • Which are do you live in Cebu?

Free-Trial Application Form:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further queries!
Text to:”0956 2773 873 (Globe)” or “0933 3608 761 (Sun)”
FB Messenger:

②Please wait final confirmation by IPPO!

IPPO will confirm your Free-Trial date & time through the E-mail or Text.

③Please be sure to arrive at the scheduled time

Time: 00:00-00:05

-Parent/s should accompany the child during Free Trial

④Student does a “30-minute Free Trial” with a teacher

Time: 00:05-00:35

-Teacher assesses the child’s readiness to do the Abacus education
-IPPO will pass the “Enrollment Terms & Conditions” and “Price List” to the parent.
-Parent/s have time to read them.
-Parent/s can ask questions after the 30-minute Free Trial.

⑤Parent/s and Teacher “discuss” their observation

Time: 00:35-00:40

-The child may/may not enroll be enrolled immediately.

For Child

  • Does your child want to learn the Abacus by himself/herself?
  • Is he able to finish 2 out of 3 pages while doing Free Trial?
  • Is he able to concentrate?
  • Is he able to do simple calculations without the teacher watching?

For Parent/s

  • Parent/s have WILL to make their child study a Long-Term Abacus education
  • Can Parent come on the decided schedule on time?
  • Can you let your child come to IPPO for a minimum of 2 x a Week?

In cases you may not meet the above conditions, IPPO may refuse enrollment.
Please understand in advance.

⑥Fill up the “Enrollment Form” and complete payment (If Enroll)

Time: 00:40-00:50

-“Enrollment Terms & Conditions” should be fully understood by parent/s
– Fill up the “Enrollment Form”
– Sign the “Enrollment Terms & Conditions
– Pay the “Initial Payment”
– Set the Regular Schedule from our Schedule by parent/s.

⑦Let’s start to learn the Abacus!

Please feel free to ask questions and clarifications.

Students along with parents should experience how to do abacus calculations. It is best for parents to also see/do what their child is doing.