Abacus Education Develops the Child’s Focus and Concentration

A child has his way of doing things thus his creative prowess is seen on how he navigates through different things and do better things.

Sunday (9/3/17)

In Abacus Education, the child has freedom on how he sees the problem.
Even adults do this for them to train their brain more.
Abacus Education not only enhances your child’s I.Q but also his E.Q.

Abacus Education is a way to help kids love math more.

Tuesday (9/5/17)

A teacher’s role is to guide students on what they are doing and explain the things that they are confused with.
In IPPO, student’s independence is sculpted and enhanced.

T. Mei administering IPPO lessons.
T. Pau assisting Alex and Gael.

Abacus Education is suitable for any age group. The younger you are the better it is to be involved in this education for your brain is still fresh and accepts any ideas thrown at you. As an adult, it would take time to let your brain agree with the new information being learned.

T.Mei explaining to Dr. Danny about the proper way to ” Transform”.

Wednesday (9/6/17)

Small Steps, Big Accomplishments.
It may be very difficult to achieve one’s goal and be determined to achieve it but one thing is for sure what lies ahead is sweet and fulfilling.

Anton receiving his 7th Grade Workbook

The concentration span of your child will be broader and with that, he can always focus on what he intends to do and achieve.
Having Abacus Lessons twice a week or more helps the child to have a routine thus unconsciously training them to be more focus.

Janelle and Courtney try to finish their work in 10 minutes.

Regular IPPO lessons would surely help your child’s focus. Children follow a routine and then be accustomed to that.

Kaniel doing 8th Grade Calculation Quiz.
Kiev is also seriously doing his 8th Calculation Quiz.

Friday (9/8/17)

Students naturally learn on their own and with the assistance of teachers, parents, and peers.

In Abacus education, every student does things on their own and when they find it difficult they raise their hands to get the attention of the teacher.


Students set their goals and make sure that they can achieve it by managing their time.
Time Management is one of the life skills that IPPO incorporates to their students.

Jeanelle did 2 worksheets in one hour.
Anton doing his first 7th Grade Worksheet.

It is likely for students to exhibit frustrations and disappointments on themselves upon the lesson but this is one of the life skills that the student can learn, on how they act and behave in those situations is also a training for them.

Pierce doing his Abacus Calculations
Harry is almost done with his STEP Textbook. Today, he finishes 3 rows. Good Job Harry!!
Janelle is currently working on 9th Grade Worksheets. In 9th Grade, students are taught how to do multiplication using the Abacus.
Maegan is doing 8th Grade Worksheets. She is now able to do calculations fast and is now working on her accuracy.

Saturday (9/9/17)

We do not plan Success for it the reward for all our Hard work.
Today, certificates are given to students who have passed the License Examination last month.

IPPO students doing their Abacus Calculations
Anton, Biju and Adrian receiving their respective certificates.
Ralph and Courtney receiving the Anzan 6th Certificates.
Therese and Geoff receiving their certificates for passing the 9th Grade License Abacus Examination.
Therese and Geoff also receive their Certificates for passing the 8th Grade Exam.
T.Pau and T.Mei assisting Try Group students with their work.
T.Mei explaining to Willian on where to put the numbers in the abacus.
T.Mei checking for time to time the Test Group.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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Abacus Teacher at IPPO Japanese Math Inc.
Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!
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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!