Why Continue Learning Abacus Once Started?

How long should I study Abacus?

Abacus Education is long-term. Results can’t easily be achieved over a month or even a year! One needs patience and perseverance in order to achieve visible results.

Finish what you started

It is not what you start in life, it’s what you finish.
When we talk about Abacus Education, some would think that being able to know how to put and read numbers on the Abacus is enough but it is not about that alone.
This is just the basic for your child to be able to do arithmetic mentally.

Point!It should be continuous and done with a lot of patience and practice for the child to be able to retain it and not forget the learning.

The forgetting curve hypothesizes the decline of memory retention in time.

Resource: WHAT IS THE FORGETTING CURVE? I Growth Engineering Web

This curve shows how information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retain it.
The curve above shows us how we retain information in a period of time.

In Abacus Education, it is ideal to have a Twice a Week Course than Once a week because the memory of the learning is still there and you can continue with the next goal rather than being stuck with reviewing and is a waste of time.

Resource: WHAT IS THE FORGETTING CURVE? I Growth Engineering Web

Gradual reinforcement like doing Abacus Twice a week, asking Anzan questions and by simply having the child do Multiplication helps his memory more.

Gradually what we learn can’t be retained over time and most importantly if we don’t practice it, this information will be lost.

Systemized Curriculum

IPPO students learn how to use the Abacus during HOP/STEP/JUMP and 9th Grade Introduction.

After completing this phase, students would now adapt to doing calculations using the Abacus. Students would learn Anzan (Mental Arithmetic) which is one of the goals of doing Abacus Education. It is best to be able to understand when the child can perform at his best.

The table below shows you some comparison regarding the child’s improvement over his span of the study.

For exampleA G4 student doing Abacus Lessons Twice a week for 4 months can be working on 6th Grade Workbook by now compared to the same student who comes Once a week, he will be working on 8th Grade.

There are be several factors affecting the progress of the child that is why it is best to have a systemized curriculum in which you can track your child’s progress.

Parent’s support

Parents are the ones bringing their child to IPPO every day.
Without you, IPPO cannot impart knowledge and your child can’t learn Math the Japanese Way.

We would really like to extend our gratitude and would still ask for your continued guidance towards your child. You are investing in your child’s future and IPPO is here to show you results.

These results can’t be achieved overnight or within a span of days that is why we would like you to extend more patience and understanding.


As parents, we choose to provide the best for our child and let them do things that would help them be better.

And if your child demands that he doesn’t want to continue IPPO and is persistent to quit then IPPO would respect that, we value student’s motivation the most.

Once you begin, you must continue!

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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!