What’s Difference Between Right & Left Brain Factions?

I think I’ve heard the words Right and Left brain faction.
What on earth does this mean? I would like to tell you what features each has and how to evaluate oneself.

Difference Between the Right and Left Brain Factions

  LEFT Brain RIGHT Brain Both
FunctionsResponsible for:
 -Computational power
 -Logical thinking.
Responsible for:
 -Imaging power
 -Memory power
 -Recognizes the difference between color, shapes and so on.

Organize and Memorize things


Characteristics -Logical, calm
 -Think hard
 -Objective analysis is good
 -Digital faction
 -Good at calculation
 -Emotional expressions are rich
 -Sensibilities are sharp
 -People’s feelings can be captured
 -Spatial cognition is good
 -Analog school
 -Memorization is good 

It is said that the right brain plays an important role organizing information as an image, the only difference that the left brain can do is that the capacity of it to memorize.

The right brain is most active during childhood. This is when the child’s brain is still developing but as the child aged, the left brain that controls language becomes more active and dominant. Using the right brain as a personage depends on the individual.

Where Do You Belong? Check It Out!

Felt pen writing a green check mark on a checklist

 -Makes decisions once all grounds are considered. Reasons, causes, merits, and demerits.
 -Can talk in a good orderly manner
 -Not expressive with their emotions
 -Can handle things without panic
 -Presents himself in a good manner
 -When you put your fingers on both hands, the thumb on the right hand is on the top
 -When your arms are together, the right arm is on top
 -Emotions are clear
 -Judge things by intuition, not thinking much
 -Sometimes you have trouble later
 -Car driving is good
 -People feel well
 -Often cries while watching movies
 -When you put your fingers on both hands, the thumb on the left hand is on the top
 -When your arms are together, the left arm is on top


Relationship with handedness

It is said that the left brain faction and the right brain faction is also related to the dominant hand. Although limbs move with instructions from the brain, handedness = hands that is easier to use, so it has a direct relationship with the workings of the brain.

Right-handedness generally indicates that the transmission line from the left brain is dominant. Conversely, left-handedness indicates that the transmission line from the right brain is dominant.

There are overwhelmingly more right-handed people, the leftist is said to be less than 10% of the total population and is a minority. 

Michelangelo, Picasso, Mozart, Beethoven, Einstein are said to be left-handed.Although it is for reference only, there may be something related to the development of the dominant hand and the brain.

Relationship Between the Abacus and The Right Brain


Abacus attracts so much attention about activating the right brain. In mental arithmetic, it is very useful to imagine the image of the bead while doing calculations.
In nurturing children’s abilities, it is very important to specifically train the child’s mental abilities. It would be easier to extend the brain power by starting arithmetic at an early age, especially when the right brain is still very active.


Both the right brain and the left brain are important in human activities. The important thing is to have a well-balanced training. Since the power of the right brain decreases as an individual grows older, you want to train the right brain from a young age and be an adult that uses both the left and right brain.

Reference: いしど式まとめ from ISHIDO-SHIKI JAPAN
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