IPPO joined Japanese Summer Festival “Bon Odori 2017”!

What is Bon Odori?

Bon-Odori means “Bon Festival dance”. It is an event held during Bon Festival every summer in Japan. This is a Japanese Buddhist holiday to honor the departed spirits of one’s ancestors. Now, Bon-Odori is not only in Japan but also here in Cebu City, Philippines.
Bon-Odori is held in Cebu City every summer for 2 days. Many people experienced Japanese Culture. They eat Japanese food like Takoyaki, Ramen and many more. Some people also did cosplay with their favorite Anime character and lastly to watch the Bon-dance performance. Here are details for Bon-Odori.

Activity: Bon Odori 2017
Date: May 27-28,2017
Venue: Sugbu Grounds
Time: 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Bon-Odori’s Activities

Bon-Odori is held for 2 days. They have a variety of activities for 2 days. The two pictures below will show the planned activities and their specific time. Please read for some guidance.

Bon Odori first day!!!
Bon Odori’s second day!!

This year, IPPO joined Bon-Odori 2017.


IPPO’s booth consists of our FREE TRIAL table and game table. In FREE TRIAL table, you can learn the basics of doing Abacus like how to read numbers and how to put numbers on the Abacus.We also have a display in order for us to show a video presentation of our classes. In the game table, we have Pinball and the Coin Drop. They would play and could win a prize.

The scene: The game table, have fun and get prizes.

Here are some pictures in Bon Odori 2017!

The scene: The man is very amazed with the Abacus.
The Scene: IPPO’s student Hanz and his ate Dedet playing Pinball.
The scene: Biju Mori (IPPO’s student) playing coin drop.
The scene: Many people gathered in IPPO’s booth.
The scene: The girl is very happy that her one peso coin shoots at the glass.
The scene: The couple is asking about the Abacus.
The scene: A group of girls tried to play the Pinball and Coin drop game.
The scene: The kids enjoyed in watching the videos.
The scene: The girl is very happy to receive her prize in Pinball game
The scene: The girl is doing an Abacus while some people is curiously watching her.
The scene: The girl is very happy while holding an Abacus as her prize in Coin drop game.

The program ended with fireworks at 10 pm. It’s a very tiring but happy day for us because we have fun and enjoyable moments with the people who visited our booth. Watching them play and smile is a great thing for us..

So see you tomorrow for the last day of Bon-Odori.


Here some pictures in our 2nd day in Bon-Odori.

The scene: Teacher Richel doing a FREE TRIAL to the kids
The scene: The little girl is holding her winning prize in Pinball.
The scene: The crowd watching Edric (IPPO’s student) while playing Coin drop.
The scene: They are happily playing.
The scene: Teacher Pau and Kathlyn is happily watching the people playing.

Like the 1st day, the event also ended with fireworks. Time flies so fast and Bon-Odori has ended. An experience that we could not forget. We are so happy to introduce Abacus to everyone!

Thank you!!

The scene: Teacher Mei with IPPO’s students Biju, Anton, Hanz and their family at Bon-Odori.

On behalf of IPPO, I would like to thank all of the people who came to our booth and played our games! We hope that you enjoyed and learn something from IPPO booth. Learning Abacus is also fun and enjoyable. Hope to see you again next year!!


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Hi! My name is Richel. I am one of the teacher here in IPPO. Let's do Abacus together and hope you enjoy reading the article. Thank you!! :)