Learn Japanese Language at AHGS in Cebu Business Park!

Hi this is teacher Paulin from IPPO!
Everyone is hooked with Anime, Manga and even Japanese Culture. Wanna experience Japanese culture at a higher level? How?

Learn the Japanese Language. But, where can we find a school that offers Japanese Language to Filipino Locals?

Today, Mr. Mei Ukai and I visited a company that offers that (though T. Mei already knows how to speak Japanese).

Let me introduce AHGS Japanese Academy!

AHGS Japanese Academy in 6F Keppel Center, Cebu Business Park

You may all wonder why I wrote AHGS Japanese Academy yet you see AHGS English Academy, right?

Well, not everyone may know AHGS is also a Japanese Language School wherein they teach Japanese to people who have interest in it.

Currently, they have 100 locals including their ESL teachers who study Japanese. One of my colleague before took Japanese Lesson in AHGS. Take a look at the picture below.

T. Jam(right) is learning Japanese at AHGS

I think this is really good for those who are really otaku (addicted to anime) like me and for those people who would like to learn Japanese to expand their business network.

Speaking of expanding the business network, Mr. Ryo Hayakawa envisions to give more opportunities to those people who learn Japanese in their institution.

AHGS is not only an English and Japanese school but also a BPO and Outsourcing company.

It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

For example, T. Jam decides to learn Japanese and passes the JPLT (Japanese Proficiency Language Test), certifies your proficiency of the Japanese Language, then many doors will open for her not only in the Philippines but also other countries and as an outsourcing company AHGS has many partners so if T. Jam can pass their standards then She’ll be working in Japan. It is just a cycle.

AHGS English Academy

Price List

Here is AHGS Japanese Academy’s Tuition Fee. They have a Promotional Rate now so I think today is the best time to Learn the Japanese Language in AHGS Japanese Academy.

Matriculation/Tuition FeeRegular RatePromotional Rate
150 Hours Curriculum



(Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking)

*Confirmation Required

Other FeesRegular RatePromotional Rate



o DekiruNihongoBonpou – PhP 175.00
o できる日本語 文法ノート– 175ペソ
o DekiruNihongoKotoba – PhP 150.00
o できる日本語 ことばノート– 150ペソ
o DekiruNihongo Listening and Speaking – PhP 350.00
o できる日本語– 350ペソ
o Japanese Hiragana and Katakana – PhP 250.00
o ひらがなとカタカナ– 250ペソ
o Kanji Tamago – PhP 230.00
o 漢字たまご– 230ペソ

*if you purchase all books at once一括支払いの場合

Student ID



*Confirmation required about Price to AHGS Japanese Academy.

AHGS Japanese Academy

Location: Unit 607 6F Keppel Center, Cebu Business Park
Contact: 032-5186-740 / 0925-588-2447

For more details
Web: http://www.ahgs-japanese-academy.com/
FB Page: www.facebook.com/AHGSJapaneseAcademy

Who is Ryo Hayakawa?

” If you have a dream and can make an effort, I would like to work together regardless of nationality.”

-Ryo Hayakawa-

Mr. Ryo Hayakawa (left), T.Pau (middle), Mr. Mei UKai (right)

Mr. Ryo Hayakawa is one of the founders of AHGS Next Inc. a partner of AHGS Japanese Academy and AHGS English Academy.

Today, I was given the opportunity to dine with him with Mr. Mei Ukai (COO of IPPO Japanese Math School).

At the age of 30, he is one a successful businessman and he is really down to earth. Earlier that day, he was out tour guide as he let us in his company. He explained how he came up with the business and what drove him to strive for success.

I asked him, “Why in the Philippines, in Cebu?” He responded, ” The people are kind.” Well, I am kind, guess Cebuanos are kind in general.

Thank you, everyone. Now, you know where to study the Japanese Language. Till next time.


For more details about Mr. Ryo Hayakawa and AHGS visit these websites.

AHGS Japanese Academy↓
Japan Business Headline↓

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