3 Reasons Why Learning Abacus is Useful for Every Subject.

“3 reasons why leaning Abacus is useful for every subject”. Today I would explain how Abacus is useful to children. These are the following;

1. Get the “Ability to Overcome the Wall”


There are many tests such as Abacus calculation, Yomiage-Zan (*Dictation of Sums), Yomiage-Anzan (*Dictation of sums for Mental Calculation) that are prepared for Abacus class. The degree of difficulty of each Abacus calculation is different from each class and we will be challenging them again and again until they can pass that grade level.

Sometimes there are children who encounter walls or hindrances, but the parents and teachers cheer for them with positive words so that children will have “courage” and overcome the wall with their own power.

In addition, we compete with rivals through contests and competitions. In individual competitions, you are trained to be quick and independent.

The sense of getting a certificate for your own accomplishment will be a memorable memory to keep forever and you will be able to acquire the ability to encourage yourself by saying “Let’s do our best” and “I can do this on my own.”

2. Acquire “Concentration”


Abacus calculation is said to have effects on the activation of the brain because 3 actions can be performed at the same time;

  1. Seeing the problem with your eyes
  2. Thinking
  3. Moving of the hand while solving the problem

By simultaneously performing these multiple actions, the right brain is activated and brain power is trained. In this way, repeating the Abacus problems will not only strengthen your brain power but also the acquisition of your concentration skills.

Also, since it is necessary to solve the problem within the time limit during tests, you improve concentration skills by doing Abacus, and you can learn efficiently by demonstrating high concentrating power, for example when studying other subjects.

3. Acquire “Memory Power”

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When using Abacus, we will instantly memorize and calculate the numbers written on the paper.

It is said that you use the right brain when you memorize whatever things you see with your eyes instantaneously.

As I wrote above, it is said that Abacus is effective in revitalizing the right brain, so it will be possible to improve your memory by solving problems and training repeatedly.

By doing so, students will be able to memorize words, history, etc. intuitively as “to memorize what you see” has been developed more when memorization is necessary in other subjects, for example.



“The ability to overcome the wall”,”concentration”, “memory power” are important not only in Mathematics but also in other subjects.

By experiencing various training and tests through learning Abacus like this, “the ability to make it useful to other subjects” will be enhanced. That is why it is said that “Many children who are learning Abacus also excel in other subjects”.

Reference: いしど式まとめ from ISHIDO-SHIKI JAPAN
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