Are Abacus Classes Really Helpful?

Good day parents!!I’m back. Today, I will be showcasing what your child has been doing here in IPPO and how are they doing.
IPPO Class

Most students have been with us for almost a year now and we know parents have many questions in mind pertaining to the improvement of their children. Are they improving? Is IPPO really helping my child? What things are my child getting in his stay in IPPO? These are some of the questions asked by the parents. Let me try to answer those questions while going over your child’s week.

Practice and hard work pays off. Constant training can really help a child be better-skilled. Abacus Skills can’t be achieved overnight and can’t be switched on and off. It is  a skill that you have along your journey in life. Why do you think countries like China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and many Asian countries continuously progress?

It is because they have a better foundation and that they stick to routine work especially studying. If you check their historical background, you will realize that Abacus has been a part of their life,one way or the other.

Courtney practicing her 2nd Grade worksheet.

Kiev in awe of how fast he answered the Multiplication worksheet.
The student’s reactions would always be the most gratifying expression for us teachers.

Test Group students concentrating on their calculation exam.
Examinations are done to see if the kids have mastered and accustomed their Abacus Skills for their level of Abacus.
Some kids are in 9th Grade others are in 6th grade and even in 2nd grade. The common denominator they have is Time Pressure. Regardless of what level they are in, they have to complete their calculations in a maximum of 10 minutes per operation.

Every achievement of a child shall be recognized. This will help them boost their confidence and shall have a positive impact on their independence. That is simple small things, they are praised and that they are the ones giving their best to achieve it.

Sky. one of MZED’s students is the first one to achieve JUMP workbook.

Rye finally has her 9th Grade Worksheet.

Cultivating their confidence at an early age and assuring them that it is okay to make mistakes are things that we can do for them.
In the real world not everyone agrees with us there are those that would ruin and hurt us. Let u equip our child and help them be better at an early age.

It is not only their calculation skills that will improve but also their memory and concentration. Aside from the usual Abacus computations, students are doing Anzan, it is a mental exercise in which the students imagine the image of the abacus and coordinates their finger movement with the calculation they are doing. This is a way to enhance the imagination of the child. Concentration is also enhanced for they really need to focus and think about how they move the beads without moving the actual beads.

Maegan practicing her Anzan skills.
Anton working on Anzan. He is currently doing Multiplication.

It is more fun to do things with your friends, classmates, and colleagues. Having friends around lights up the atmosphere when the going gets tough. Our classes in MZED Christian School and 7Spirit are best examples for that.

MZED kids busy with their Abacus Task.

7Spirit kids are doing their weekly Abacus Lessons.

Students in 7Spirit spend one hour of their Saturday to do Abacus Lessons. Why are they doing this? All of the kids in this institution are musically- inclined and being so suggest that they are really using their right brain so why learn Abacus that uses the right brain also? Mathematical Skills are very essential not only in school but also in real life. Math is everywhere and can be visualized through the shape of the building, the traffic lights, the waiting time for ordering. Being said, the combination of Math and Music may lead to the betterment of your child. There will be a bright future ahead of these guys.

Abacus Classes are very helpful in many ways. One must think through that the results can’t be achieved over a month or so. It would take time, practice, patience and effort to achieve the desired results.

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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!