What’s Abacus Education?

In Abacus Education, it is not only learning how to calculate using the Abacus but also an education that broadens and develops the brain. Let me take to the different things going on in Abacus Education.

Capacity development – Focuses on concentration, memory, judgement

Abacus Education aims only not to have calculation skills that helps the child. This education is more extensive and is geared towards the development of the child’s individuality and abilities.

For that purpose, we adopt individual correspondence and small step method. We set our goals finely according to the progress of each individual, and gradually builds up “I made it!” in order to increase the child’s self-confidence.

We develop original teaching methods and teaching materials that are easy to handle even for young children, devised to be able to teach according to age and individuality.

We are also concentrating on mental arithmetic as well as abacus, to encourage the use of the right brain and maximize its power through memorization skills and creativity through visualization of mental arithmetic.

The important thing in learning both abacus and mental arithmetic is not to advance texts and classes earlier but to learn while taking steps one by one yourself. It is natural that there is a point that I can not understand because there is a point I do not understand.

It is important not to be somewhat different from other people, to learn happily while understanding by myself till the end. For the first time by convincing that “I can do it!”, I can have fun with continuous learning.

Discipline Education – Greetings, Response, and Tidying Up

Ideology is aimed at nurturing “independence” and “autonomy” of children through abacus. “Independence” is the ability to live firmly even by one person, “autonomy” refers to the ability to keep challenging the limit of one’s self. The child will become an adult someday. If you become an adult, many difficulties and troubles will be encountered. Even so, if you have the ability to make a decision by yourself and if you have the power to work hard without giving up towards your goal, it will be possible for one person to cut through the road more and more.

In order to become an adult who gained “independence” and “autonomy”, one must have a training to discipline one’s self like in Abacus classroom, students are not only taught to do calculations but also to properly do greetings in the class, courtesy, arranging of one’s shoes, personally preparing things by their own.  “Let’s pick up what you dropped by yourself” “If you have something to say, please say it properly in your own words”, Abacus lessons also teach basic courtesy.

It is more important than anything that natural things can be taken for granted. Sometimes we say strict things, but I believe that someday it will become a force to live in society.

Self-motivation: “I will not give up.” , “I accept the challenge.”

In the classroom, students are positively praised in order to get them motivated and for them to acquire perseverance to accomplish one thing through Abacus.

Biju: Doing her best to arrive at the correct answer

In the classroom, everyone is working hard on their own problems. Sometimes you may feel lonely. You may want to cry and feel like you can not do it. In competition and certification, it is not once or twice that you fail and get frustrated. However, by overcoming such walls one by one, children grow really strong and determined.

Read more about it here: http://ippo-abacus.com/abacus-useful/

Willson: Trying to come up with a solution

At the same time, the characteristics of lessons differ from levels wherein goal setting is finely done and it can be cleared without difficulty.

Children would do calculations one step at a time and will continue doing so until such time they overcome hardships and can confidently say, “I made it.”, “Now, I understand.”.

Courtney: Doing Anzan (Mental Math)

Through this kind of teaching, children will foster the spirit to challenge various things and to never quit pursuing reaching the top.

Abacus tests and competitions are mostly done together with friends to enjoy the pleasure of accomplishing tasks together.


Abacus Education aims to nurture the potential within everyone that would be helpful for the future. Through Abacus education, one may develop and improve his ability to live.

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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!
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Hi, everyone!! I'm T. Pau, one of the Abacus Teachers in IPPO. Come and enjoy math the Japanese way!! See you soon!