Which course is better? Once or Twice a Week?

In Abacus lessons and other after-school programs, you have the freedom to select how frequent you attend class. It is good to have a variety of choices but the question is, “How many times is ideal?” I would like to share to you the relationship with the frequency of attending Abacus lessons and its effects.

Learning at Home and Tutor: Advantages and Disadvantages

There are different ways to learn something new; either at home or Tutor. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both:

Home・You can do as much as you want at any time
・You can proceed at your own pace
・No one is there to guide you
・If something is not understood, easily quits doing it
Tutor・Motivated because of teachers and friends
・Teachers can guide if something is not understood
・Pacing of everyone is varied
・You can’t decide freely 

It is best to incorporate the advantages of both sides.  For example, in Abacus classroom be sure to make progress at your own pace while you learn together with friends and if you don’t understand something then the teacher will always be there to guide you.

Abacus Lessons: Once a week or Twice a Week

Next, I would like to know how many times should I attend Abacus lessons.

Let’s try to compare the 3 Courses offered:

CourseSessions Model caseAverage Dropout-Rate *Past 3 years 
2 x a week 8 lesson/MonthGrade 4/past 4 months
→now working on 6th Grade
1 x a week 4 lessons/MonthGrade 4/past 4 months
→now working on 8th grade

Two courses per week are based on the basic course because progress is proportional to the amount of exercise and it is better to have more times and the practice interval is free in week one so if you spend a lot of time reviewing it in the next round That’s because less new things can be learned. If it is twice a week less review will be less and you can work on new things more and more.

Progress is proportional the amount of exercise done by the students. The table above illustrates the advantages of taking Twice a Week Course. Once a week course tends to focus more on reviewing and the child will be hindered to learn something new. Every time he takes Abacus lessons he will just be reviewing what he did last time.

As a result, the difference between Once a Week Course and Twice a Week Course is not only on the number of times the child takes Abacus Lessons but also on the child’s progress. As illustrated, if your child is Grade 4 and currently enrolled, his progress for four months would greatly differ on what course he is taking.

To sum it up, in this data, the more you take Abacus Lessons, the better skills you acquire and the less probability to quit.

The Ideal Course

Recommended: Twice a Week or Unlimited

As stated, there is more than 3 times of a difference between Once a Week Course and Twice a Week. Abacus is a skill that will refine skills and a lot of practice is necessary to acquire it, with this said Once a Week Course would just serve as a review session for your child for he tends to forget what he learned.

Especially at the beginning of learning, to increase the frequency of doing calculations through the Abacus is essential so that students would be able to build a steady foundation the soonest time possible. Abacus learning refines skills so the earlier the child experienced success like “I made it.” the motivated he can be to continue pursuing what he wants. A sense of accomplishment is stimulated, so the urge to continue doing things will not stop. When this is achieved, the child would carry on this feeling and in life would pursue whatever challenges he might face. If the child experiences this, then it is likely that he has high hopes on achieving anything he puts his mind into.

Respecting One’s Drive

In Abacus Education, we always consider the willingness of our learners. Thus, if your child is very eager to do Abacus lessons then Free Course would be recommended for him.

Even if the progress is slow when taking twice a week course, it is important to master the skills and practice at a pace you are most comfortable.


Continuity and improvement accumulated from early experiences are essential to improve an individual’s skill. In Abacus education, students are calculating a different set of numbers with a gradual increase in difficulty. So, it is highly recommended to attend Abacus lessons twice a week so that the learner’s progress corresponds to his pace.

Reference: いしど式まとめ from ISHIDO-SHIKI JAPAN
Translate: IPPO Japanese Math School

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