6 Skills Obtained Through Abacus Education

Although we have an image of calculation tools, old studies, but when you hear “Abacus” they would say its only for Japan. Abacus did not only regain limelight  in Japan but in the whole world because of its effect to brain science that has been demonstrated, attracting attention from all over the world.

There is no doubt that you would think “I want to learn abacus!” Then, we will introduce the effect of learning the Abacus.

“6 skills” Obtained Through Learning The Abacus

Learning Abacus is not just fun and easy but you can also obtain skills by doing it. And, there are 6 skills which can be obtained through learning the Abacus. Here are the following:

1. Concentration

In Abacus Education you need to solve the problem accurately and speedily within the time limit, and one mistake is not allowed. Concentration is all that you need. By learning Abacus your concentration will be cultivated by repeatedly solving problems. Even children can obtain by doing it repeatedly.

2. Memory

It is overwhelmingly that the “Right brain”  is superior in memory skill. In learning Abacus, we let them memorize the pattern of the answer (the shape of the bead) with its “Right brain”. By repeating this training, a memory will stay longer and memory will be enhanced.

3. Judgment

This skill needs to be in pair with “concentration” and it is effective as training for judgment and speed up because it repeats work to answer instantaneously in a limited time.

4. Processing capability

Information is overflowing in modern times, how to collect, organize and process enormous information is important. Abacus is the key to how efficiently you can input quickly. You can greatly enhance the ability to process information correctly.

5. Patience

There are no tips that can easily improve your Abacus skills. The more it goes, the harder road to pass, it is natural to take more than half a year, it is necessary to practice repeatedly. Persistent and patience will be fostered even in society.

6. Creative

Abacus trains the “Right brain” which is responsible for intuition by repeating the work of inputs and outputs making full use of the eyes, the head, and the fingertips, leading to a rich creativity and inspiration.

Improve The “Right brain” Effect with Abacus!

When a child calculates using an Abacus, he uses his right side of the brain. Music education such as the piano is said to be good for stimulating the right brain, and it is said that Abacus has the same effect. Since it is said that the right brain is used less frequently in everyday life, learning Abacus is one of the keys to let the right brain work simultaneously with the left brain.

To know more about the right brain.
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In addition, brain science has proved that the brain develops rapidly by the age of 12, and it is said that especially in early childhood the absorption capacity is high.
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What is The Synergistic Effect of Learning Abacus?

As a child ‘s tendency to learn Abacus in childhood, they also learn naturally that they can always voluntarily do their own exercises every day, study other than Abacus and plan for themselves. Since it is naturally learned to tackle, there is a tendency to move smoothly from one activity to another.

By learning abacus-like this, autonomy and planning are often acquired naturally beside computing skills, so it is also useful for study and work as well.



Apart from the Abacus and computing skills, there are so many benefits in learning Abacus. It is also helpful to learn to study by themselves, taking actions by themselves as planned, and by receiving a certificate for passing the examination can be one of their achievement.

In learning Abacus,  your patience is improved so you can work on thinking about time allocation when going to university or taking another qualification examination. As a result, you can tackle without being impatient.

The Abacus is deeply tied to the “right brain” and there is no doubt that “brain power” will be nourished, which will be useful in the society.

Reference: いしど式まとめ from ISHIDO-SHIKI JAPAN
Translate: IPPO Japanese Math School

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Hi! My name is Richel. I am one of the teacher here in IPPO. Let's do Abacus together and hope you enjoy reading the article. Thank you!! :)