Sakamoto Method and Abacus Method

Does your child have low scores in Math? Want them to become smarter?

N0w-adays people would tend to look for a school who has the best method in teaching especially in Math subject.  There are so many different kinds of method in teaching Math but in this article will tackle the two most known method for studying Mathematics.

The two methods are Sakamoto Math Method and Abacus Math Method. Let’s read how how they differ or may they be the same in teaching Math. Starting with Sakamoto Math Method.

Sakamoto Math Method

Sakamoto Math Method is a visual approach to problem solving. It was develop by Dr. Dr. Hideo Sakamoto, it is to allow children not only to cope with the mechanical aspects of solving problems, but the most important is their understanding of the concepts and applications of the said problem especially in solving abstract mathematical problems.  This method is powerful and innovative because it provides a simple yet systematic and structured technique in analyzing the problems.

Sakamoto Math Method consists of three simple basic steps.

Step 1

Analyzing the problem, determining the essential facts from the question, and grasping the relationship of the data to each other.

Step 2

Translating the information gathered in the first step into a linear diagram.

Step 3

Students write the equations and do the calculations to arrive at the final answer

Sakamoto Method focuses in word problems. They teaches the children  to analyze and understand on how to get the correct answer by using their three basic steps and they are trained to grasp the essence of the question and reduce it to a simple diagram formula.

Now, Sakamoto Method want to expand their learnings through out the world, so they decided to build school here in the Philippines. In partnership of, Mothergoose Nursery School, Hope Christian High School  and Sakamoto Method (Japanese Center) they started to teach children the importance of understanding the concepts and applications in a  mathematical problem.

Their aim is to help improve students’ performance  in Mathematics especially in word problems. Their goal is to let the students pass their entrance exam with a very good score and have a good quality of education in the future.

More details

Mothergoose Nursery School
Address: 159 Don Manuel Aggregado Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. Nos.: 712-0707 / 416-1637
Telefax No. : 732-2792

Hope Christian High School
Address: 1242 Benavidez Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines
Telefax: (632) 254-8339 | (632) 254-8975

Abacus Method

Abacus Method is also a visual approach in solving math problems. It uses Abacus as the materials in solving problems. Abacus is not that hard to learn. It only requires your patience and hard work. In learning Abacus, the child’s right brain is used to picture out the image in the Abacus. It also tests student mental skills by doing mental exercise. Teachers do one on one teaching with students. Abacus function is to calculate the basic four operations (+, -, x, /). It is also used in calculating decimal and negative numbers.

It teaches students to activate the right brain usage through imagination. In Abacus education, the child has his own goals to achieve and works hard to accomplish them. Abacus teachers guides and supports the child to make these goals possible. This curriculum allows the child to concentrate more in achieving his goals.

Abacus Education focuses on

  1. Right Brain Activation
  2. Quick Calculation Skills
  3. High concentration Skills 

By simply learning the Abacus our left and right brain would activate and make us to Organize and Memorize things perfectly.

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In the present, Abacus Method is widely known for being for its positive effect on the students especially on doing mental calculation. There are three tutorials schools in Cebu which offer Abacus Lesson, (CMA, iBrain and IPPO). IPPO is a franchise of Ishido-Shiki, the number 1 Abacus School in Japan.

Their aim is to activate the child right brain to help them to acquire memory power, inspiration and imagination which can help them to study other subjects not only Math.To know that learning Abacus is useful in other subject.

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More Details

IPPO Japanese Math School
Location: 2nd Floor, 1830 South, R. Arcenas St, Banawa, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
Tel No: 032-234-3536
Contact Person: 
Teacher Paulin

CMA Mental Arithmetic
CLocation: #26 Ma. Cristina Extension, Brgy Camputhaw, Cebu City, Philippines
Tel No: 032-5832-8754/511-4477


  • To sum up, Sakamoto Math and Abacus Math maybe is the same in some areas especially in visualizing the problems first before answering.   They used visual representation in learning. These are the summary of attributes they have.
Sakamoto Method Abacus Method
Method: Sakamoto Method (visual approach to problem-solving) Imagine the number then moving beads
Concrete – Abstract
Focus: word problems Right and Left  Brain Activation
Text and Materials: Workbooks Workbooks and Abacus
Age/ Grade Primary and Secondary 3 years and above

What method do you like? Sakamoto Method or Abacus?

Whatever you choose, the most important is that you understand the new concepts and analyze the problems.

More Details


Sakamoto Method (Philippines) :

IPPO Japanese Math (Philippines) :


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Hi! My name is Richel. I am one of the teacher here in IPPO. Let's do Abacus together and hope you enjoy reading the article. Thank you!! :)