3 Groups System

Every classroom has vertical desks lined up in three rows. Students are kindergartens and even adults; we offer to different age groups.
wp-ippo classroom


Students start learning Abacus with the teacher’s undivided guidance. Once they pass one of previous grade test, they can advance to next.


Students move at this stage when they have enough foundation in the TRY GROUP. We improve the student’s ability by measuring the time with a practice problem.


Students prepare for test or competition and solve more quickly and accurately. Once students pass the test, they can move to the far right of the TRY GROUP column.


It maybe common that students bring their exercise book to the teachers but in IPPO classroom, teachers are always roaming around.
Students who have questions raise their hands and patiently wait.
It is essential to be aware of one’s mistake and to be able to correct it by oneself.

What would leadership be like if there is no trust. We should also incorporate the society with the way we nurture the children.

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